Enformion Fraud Analytics Solutions

Fraud analytics help detect potential fraud, both internally and externally, before or after a transaction occurs. Here’s why the most effective way to get out in front of fraud is by using the tools that Enformion can provide.

Keep your business safe

Having the right security tools, such as our Risk Mitigation solution, can help you avoid all types of fraud, including both internal and external fraud.

Use Enformion’s tools and data to manage your corporate risk and keep everyone who does business with your company safe.

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Maintain your business reputation

If your business does fall victim to fraud, you won’t just lose time, money, and energy from internal problems. That fraud may have an impact on your business’s reputation.

Reduce liability

Accurate fraud prevention requires you to pay attention to a number of different factors all at once. When you use automated tools for monitoring, you don’t have to think about all those factors on your own.

Enformion uses the most high-quality sources of data and pulls from thousands of sources to keep you up-to-date on the latest relevant information.

Boost Profitability with powerful tools

Your business relies on ensuring you get the best information when you make decisions that may affect its future. Enformion offers those tools.

Empower your team with flexible solutions

Batch Processing

Update large amounts of data quickly and easily with our batch appending option.

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Enformion API

Our API solutions allow you to integrate software systems for in-depth searches and display custom results using your own existing applications. 

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Cloud-based Platform

Enformion’s cloud-based platform provides easy and convenient access to data, whenever you need it.

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