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Being able to verify and authenticate someone’s identity is invaluable when it comes to security and due diligence. Find out how Enformion’s specialized data and tools can help you to do that more easily.

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How Enformion Helps Ensure Fast and Accurate Identity Verification and Authentication

Corporations need a way to make sure they’re talking to the right people, and giving out information only to individuals who should actually have that information. Identity verification and authentication adds an additional layer of security to any corporation’s proceedings. That can make it easier for your business to function without fear of legal issues.

When you use Enformion, you can enhance your business’s identity verification and authentication services to help in many different ways.

Purchasing from Vendors

In many industries, your services require that you extend trust to your clients. For example, with insurance claims, you’re trusting certain aspects of the claim. If you simply extend that trust without verifying the person’s identity first, you run the risk of people taking advantage. That’s where Enformion comes in.

  • Your financial information is some of the most sensitive information you have, and you should be extremely careful with it.
  • When you make a purchase from a vendor, you want to make sure you’re actually dealing with the individual you think you’re dealing with.
  • Instead of putting your trust in someone blindly, Enformion can help you to verify vendor identities and trust people with concrete data behind it.

Signing New Contracts

As your business grows and changes, you need a way to sign new contracts and form partnerships that allow you to do new things. It may be a new vendor that can provide you with the materials you need for a new product or an existing vendor that wants to offer you new products. Either way, when you sign contracts, you want Enformion to help you make sure you’re signing with someone you know.

  • You always want to know the whole story, even when it comes to pieces of someone’s identity they may not be forthcoming about.
  • Contracts typically lock you in for a certain amount of time, and you want to use that time wisely.
  • Your business depends on the people you partner with, and Enformion can help you verify people’s information before partnering with them.

Managing Third-Party Communications

What if you need to discuss important, sensitive information with a third party? Whether you’re communicating with a government agency or you need to bring in an investigator to help with potential fraud, third-party communications are an important part of your business. With Enformion, you’re safer every time you reach out to a third party.

  • If you haven’t verified a third party, you really don’t know who you’re talking to, especially if you’re doing it online.
  • Scams can seriously impact your business, and you want to do as much research as possible before engaging in third-party contact to make sure you’re not falling for a scam.
  • High-quality identity verification and authentication like the options you’ll find at Enformion will help your business communicate more successfully.

Expanding Your Business Into New Places

You want your business to grow more and more each year. Whether your business is small or large, most department heads, agency leaders and business founders want their corporations to grow over time. You can scale Enformion to meet your needs, starting from smaller solutions and growing to solutions for giant corporations.

  • Scalable solutions will help you easily make the transition as your business grows, without having to worry about switching providers.
  • When your employees are used to an existing provider, it makes it even easier for those employees to handle increasing workloads.
  • The tools at Enformion will help you grow your business, then maintain the growth you’re building.



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