Manual Review and Fraud Investigations

Manual Review and Fraud Investigations with Enformion

For investigations and reviews manual or automated, Enformion can help to streamline the process with fast and easy access to high-quality data.

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Enformion for Manual Review and Fraud Investigations

When it comes to fraud, you may not be able to automate every portion of your prevention services. Setting up

However, even when not relying on the automatic features of Enformion, you can still use it in these ways to help with the manual portions of dealing with fraud.

Conducting Manual Reviews More Easily

The simple fact is, conducting manual reviews takes more time than handling automatic reviews. If you receive a fraud alert, you’re going to have to delve deeper into it on your own time. Although these risk and fraud alerts make it easier to determine fraud, using Enformion to conduct manual reviews will give you a better understanding of the situation.

  • In a manual review, you want to get information like someone’s names, aliases, phones, emails, relatives and physical addresses.
  • With automated options, you can look through this information all at once, rather than having to gather it on your own.
  • The ability to look through full search records from Enformion on your own time gives you the ability to see all the information at a glance.

Noticing Fraud Before It Happens

The first step to streamlining manual reviews is to reduce the number of manual reviews you have to do in the first place. When you have strong identity verification and risk mitigation systems in place, you’ll notice the potential for fraud before it ever happens. Enformion’s tools make sure you don’t have to go through manual fraud reviews as often as you otherwise could.

  • It’s easier to handle fraudulent activity if you catch it early because you’re less likely to have to deal with the repercussions.
  • Having strong security options for your company gives you the ability to stop fraud before it happens.
  • When you utilize Enformion’s security tools to build strong identity management systems, you won’t give sensitive access to individuals who are more likely to commit fraud.

Keeping a Continuous Eye on Risky Individuals

You may single out certain people as being more likely to commit fraud in your organization. Whether that’s because these individuals have access to more sensitive information or because they tend to partake in riskier behaviors, you need to pay attention to their habits. Enformion’s tools give you the ability to do that automatically.

  • Performing manual reviews of potential fraud in your company is easier if you catch that fraud early.
  • You may be able to reduce the information individuals are able to access, avoiding fraud before it even happens.
  • To do that, you need to use continuous monitoring from Enformion, which gives you batch solutions that keep you up-to-date on everyone you’re tracking.

Reducing Your Fraud Liability

Liability is an important thing to consider in the corporate world because of potential losses if something bad does happen. If you take steps to combat fraud, you reduce your liability, which is important for your reputation and for any legal consequences that may come your way. Enformion will help you reduce that liability for the better.

  • In many circumstances, you can only do manual fraud reviews when fraud has already taken place.
  • If you wait for too long, you may be liable for some damages because you didn’t take timely action.
  • Risk mitigation alerts at Enformion can notify you early, reducing any damage that does happen due to fraud, which will, in turn, reduce your fraud liability.

Boosting Profits Start to Finish

Since manual reviews do take time and energy, you want to reduce the number of manual reviews and fraud investigations you have to do. Some will be necessary, but automated risk mitigation options can help to reduce the number of investigations. Automation with Enformion boosts profits, and the improved reputation you’ll enjoy because of strong security features will boost profits even further.

  • Whether you’re a multimillion-dollar company or a startup with only a few employees, you can always benefit from better security options.
  • The ability to customize your security features will make sure you’re receiving the right solutions.
  • When you need automated options that give you tools for speedier manual reviews, you should use Enformion.



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