Manual Review & Fraud Investigations

For investigations and reviews manual or automated, Enformion can help to streamline the process with fast and easy access to high-quality data.

Manual Review & Fraud Investigations

Enformion can help to streamline investigations and reviews, manual or automated, with fast and easy access to high-quality data.

Conduct manual reviews more easily
Keep a continuous eye on risky individuals
Reduce fraud liability
Perform business due diligence

Conduct manual reviews more easily

The simple fact is, conducting manual reviews takes more time than handling automatic reviews. Although risk and fraud alerts make it easier to determine fraud, using Enformion to conduct manual reviews will give you a better understanding of the situation.

Notice fraud before it happens

When you have strong identity verification and risk mitigation systems in place, you’ll notice the potential for fraud before it ever happens. Enformion’s tools make sure you don’t have to go through manual fraud reviews as often as you otherwise could.

  • Keep a continuous eye on risky individuals
  • Enformion’s tools, such as data alerts, give you the ability to do so

Reduce fraud liability

Risk mitigation alerts can notify you early, reducing any damage that does happen due to fraud, which will, in turn, reduce your fraud liability.

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Boost profits

Automation with Enformion boosts profits, and the improved reputation you’ll enjoy because of strong security features will boost profits even further.

Business Due Diligence

Doing your due diligence helps keep your company out of legal and moral hot water. Stay up to date on compliance, & reduce legal liability with our wide array of tools and solutions. In turn, you’ll build a stronger reputation and come to know more about your business.

  • Automated solutions save time and effort
  • Processes such as monitoring security features
  • Enformion can help you stay up-to-date automatically

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