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Customer Identification

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 It’s important to know who you’re working with. With Enformion, verifying the identity of customers is fast and easy.

Best Customer Identification Program (CIP)

A Customer Identification Program is an essential process for any business before establishing a working relationship. It allows firms to verify that a customer is who they say they are and is telling the truth about the business they engage in. CIP is part of Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines and is done in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. With Enformion, verifying the identity of customers is fast and easy.

Enformion’s extensive data and analysis tools help investigators manage all aspects of a case more efficiently. Explore more of our solutions to take your investigations to the next level:

Customer & Vendor Risk Assessment

Customer and vendor risk assessments are challenging. If you don’t know your suppliers and customers well, the cost can be high. Regulations need you to perform due diligence that may be shaped by context, geography or both. Failure to do so may attract enforcement actions.

If you don’t adequately connect the dots and fill the information gaps, you may face legal and financial consequences. Enformion can help you prevent this from happening. Our identity verification and other security tools make risk assessment easier. And the best part is that you can customize Enformion’s solutions to suit your company’s needs.

Create an effective customer identification program (CIP) with our data and analytics to:

  • Protect your reputation and fill in any missing information
  • Maintain compliance with all involved and on your own time
  • Pay attention to specific needs
  • Know your customers and partners

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Enformion help customer identification?

Enformion’s Customer Identification Software can help you verify the identity of customers with a high degree of accuracy. Our tool accesses an enormous amount of data that you can use for identity verification. Whether you are a financial institution, credit union, or collection agency, Enformion’s identity verification and other security tools help to make that risk assessment easier.

What do I need to access customer identification software?

You can access customer identification software if you’re a company looking to learn about personalization, due diligence, compliance, etc. It’s easier to access information through a CIP with a public records search tool than performing manual searches.

How can I access Enformion’s customer identification software?

You can access our Customer Identification Software online, via the Cloud-based Platform, Batch, or API with customizable options from one of our data experts.

What does a customer identification program (CIP) include?

A customer identification program (CIP) like Enformion’s discloses customer details so you can verify their identities for due diligence, personalization, or regulatory compliance. It allows you to improve your business and security systems.

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