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An identity management system helps your company offer access only to people who need it. Enformion can help you to manage that system with state-of-the-art data delivery.

Smarter solutions for Corporations

Easily Build and Enforce Smarter Policies

Identity management systems need policies that help guide who gains access to what information and at what times – also known as provisioning. Therefore, having the right tools will help identify policies that your business can adopt for identity and access management (IAM) systems.

At Enformion, we make it easier to not only identify these policies but also enforce them. Therefore, you can establish the true identity of every individual seeking to interact with your company. Having identity management software guarantees a seamless process when handling customers, vendors, and even employees.

Maintain a Robust Security System and Access Control

A system-wide IAM system ensures you have a viable system with full access control. Large businesses that need multiple risk screenings can benefit from such a system. Enformion’s batch processing makes this possible by automating the screening process.

Having a robust security system is an integral part of doing your customer due diligence. If anything happens, such as a data breach, you are socially and legally protected from the consequences. It is helpful to avoid lawsuits because they can be costly and time-consuming.

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Reduce Fraud

Identifying risk at all points of your vendor, employee, or customer life cycle is a vital element for all organizations. Monitoring every transaction, purchase, and communication helps reduce risk exposure and safeguard your profits.

Enformion’s identity management software helps identify and mitigate risk. You get all the information you need about people using your business. For instance, identity verification helps verify the credentials of users trying to gain access to your system. Therefore, you can quickly take proactive steps should you encounter any suspicious behavior.

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Boost your Public Reputation

It is vital for customers to feel secure when making transactions with your company. Today’s consumer is skeptical about sharing their information due to the recent rise in data breaches. Therefore, implementing a robust security system will help improve your public reputation. Brand loyalty is easier to build when your consumers can trust you with sensitive information.

Enformion offers a wide selection of data and security options to help secure your system. More people will, therefore, choose your business over the competition. Doing this helps safeguard your bottom line while establishing you within your industry.

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Keep Liability Low and Profits High

Identity management software helps reduce liability for higher long-term profits. For starters, you get to stay compliant and avoid costly lawsuits. A data breach in your company could leave you vulnerable to several data infringement lawsuits that can cripple your organization.

Equally, you lose customers when they feel unsafe doing business with you. A poor public reputation could be crippling for any organization – especially when you are new to the industry. However, Enformion’s identity management software can help you reduce liability and keep profits high. You get a secure system to conduct business that is appealing to the public.

Learn how Enformion can help with CCPA Identity Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an identity and access management system?

An identity and access management (IAM) system helps your company offer provisioning access only to people who need it. Enformion can help you to manage that system with state-of-the-art data delivery.

How is an identity management system built?

Identity management systems are built on policies that guide who gets access to what information and what times, also called provisioning. Not only can Enformion help guide you to the policies, but it will also make enforcing those policies easier.

Does Enformion help with Identity Verification?

Yes; being able to verify and authenticate someone’s identity is invaluable when it comes to security and due diligence. Find out how Enformion’s specialized data and tools can help you to do that more easily.

What industries can Enformion help with Identity Management?

Enformion offers customized tools and solutions to help a variety of industries, including Investigators, Law Enforcement, Collections, Corporations. Financial Services, Government, Insurance, and Healthcare.

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