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CCPA Identity Verification

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See how Enformion can make the CCPA law’s requirements easier to meet.

CCPA Identity Verification

Do you conduct business in California? You need to comply with CCPA requirements to stay in business. Luckily, our CCPA identity verification can help safeguard your bottom line.

Maintain compliance
Be more transparent for customers and legislators
Give your customers more options
Automate more of your privacy requirements

What is CCPA Requirement?

The 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect ON January 1, 2020. It is an act that offers numerous privacy options for all California consumers. One critical option that it gives to users is the right to view what data your business stores. Equally, your consumers can request to know how you intend to use or store that information.

How can Enformion help you meet CCPA requirements?

Meeting the CCPA requirement includes several risks. For example, how can you verify that a customer is who they say they are? It can be rather devastating to your company if you release confidential data to the wrong party.

With Enformion, you get to verify the identity of the customer before sharing any vital data. Doing this ensures you stay compliant while avoiding costly lawsuits or fines. Enformion’s CCPA identity verification software guarantees you achieve the following:

Stay Compliant

The state of California has the right to enforce CCPA directly because it is state legislation. You are subject to the law if more than half of your annual revenues come from selling user information. Therefore, both large and small organizations can benefit from using Enformion’s tools to enhance security.

Violating CCPA means hefty fines – especially when it is done ‘willfully’. The charge is set to increase if your lack of compliance is because your company didn’t want to invest the money or time.

However, you can set up identification policies for all clients – both California residents and non-residents – using Enformion’s tools. Doing this will help you avoid leaking sensitive information to the wrong person. You also get to stay compliant, thus avoiding any fines that could cripple your business.

Offer More Transparency to Legislators and Customers

Today’s consumer wants to see transparency – especially with how their data is collected and for what purpose. However, CCPA proves that legislators are also invested in data transparency. Therefore, adding a bit more transparency to your organization – with the help of Enformion – can be beneficial to your business.

Consumers will find it easier to trust you with their information. Customer trust is one of the building blocks towards increasing sales and profits in your organization. Legislators will find you more trustworthy, thus creating a conducive business environment for your company.

Provide More Options for Your Customers

Customers have come to terms with the fact that some companies profit from selling their advertising information. This is why the CCPA was formulated in the first place – to give consumers more options. However, your consumers want to know which information you store and which you sell.

With Enformion, you get to give your customers more than is legally required. Therefore, you build customer trust in your business. The more options your consumers have, the more sales you will have. Every client wants to work with a company that goes far and beyond to meet their needs.

Verify Identities

There are a set of requirements that you must follow according to the CCPA. However, why not go a step further to safeguard your business? Wouldn’t it help to verify identities when dealing with sensitive information?

Enformion lets you conduct identity verification to safeguard your business. Doing this helps minimize fraud and avoid hefty lawsuits. Even when a consumer isn’t asking for private information, it’s best to verify their identity.

Automate Privacy Processes

Manual work can be somewhat time-consuming for your business. You also get to spend a lot of valuable resources that could be useful in other critical areas of your business. For instance, manually going through each privacy request will take a lot of time and manpower.

With Enformion, your company can save time and resources by automating the process and developing a better system. You get automation options, whether adding identity verifications or filing customer requests under the CCPA. Therefore, Enformion is an excellent way to utilize business time more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, was passed in 2018 and went into effect on January 1, 2020. This act offers more privacy options for California customers, including a customer’s right to see what data business stores about them and the right to make a request regarding the business’s use or storage of that data,  – including deletion or request to authenticate.

How does Enformion help with CCPA requirements?

Enformion can help you maintain CCPA compliance by helping you create a brand new identity verification system using our vast database and automated processes.

How does CCPA affect my customers?

The intention behind the CCPA is to give customers more options as a whole. Most customers understand that certain companies sell their advertising information. However, customers want to be in charge of which pieces of advertising information companies sell and which pieces they even keep on their servers. Enformion gives your customers more options than is even legally required and helps you process those consumer requests.

How can Enformion help improve my CCPA processes?

Privacy is an extremely important part of business, but manually working through each privacy request ends up being a lot of busy work. With Enformion, you can reduce that busywork and develop a better system. From requests that customers file under the CCPA to identity verification services that you add to your business on your own terms, you should have automation options.

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