Fraud Analytics

Fraud Analytics

Fraud analytics help your company identify where fraud is most likely to happen and proactively avoid it. Learn more about how Enformion helps you do that more effectively.

Fraud analytics ensures your company can proactively avoid fraud by analyzing areas it is most likely to happen. Using fraud analytics by Enformion will help you safeguard your bottom line by detecting potential fraud – both externally and internally – before or after every transaction.

Enhance Business Safety

Businesses suffer from both internal and external fraud. Monitoring all risk areas within your organization can, therefore, be rather challenging. However, security tools – such as Enformion’s Risk Management solution can help your business stay safe.

Using our tools and data, you can effectively manage corporate risk. Therefore, every person working from your business can also stay safe. Doing this ensures you avoid costly lawsuits from issues such as data leakages.

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Maintain the Reputation of your Business

Your business will lose time, energy, and money when it falls victim to fraud. However, you also stand to tarnish your business reputation. Your business will lose customer loyalty once it gets to their attention that your business failed to safeguard against fraud.

Firms with a stellar reputation tend to attract more customers. They are perceived to have better value, which also allows them to charge premium fees. Therefore, using Enformion’s fraud analytics software can help you increase your profits.

Avoid Legal Liabilities

Performing your due diligence – according to local and federal regulations – starts with running a basic fraud analysis. Failure to do this regularly could mean severe legal penalties should fraud occur in your business. For starters, the court will judge that you didn’t do the bare minimum to avoid fraud.

Therefore, running fraud analysis helps you stay compliant and avoid culpability. Using Enformion’s fraud analysis software, you can protect your business in two ways:

  • Reducing the risk of fraud
  • Reducing the risk of court charges if you fall victim to fraud
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Automate Fraud Work

Automation is an excellent tool in today’s world. Routine work tends to take a lot of time and resources to complete. However, automation ensures your employees can focus on vital tasks within your organization. Instead of letting your employees run routine fraud analysis, a public records search engine (Enformion) can help automate the process. Saving both time and human resources will help safeguard your bottom line and keep you competitive.

Equally, automation quickly maximizes your fraud mitigation service. An automated system makes it easier to run routine analyses. After all, there is no need to personally handle all the workload. You get more time to focus on what matters most – running your business.

Get Better Information

Obtaining vital fraud analysis information can help you better safeguard your business. Therefore, companies might need to run large groups of people through their system. Having the right software and tools will ensure you get all the information you need easily and quickly.

With Enformion, you gather information through three methods – API, Batch Processing, and Public Records Searches. However, ensure you consider your specific organizational needs when collecting information. Invest in data collection methods that are most effective within your industry.

Which Industries Can Benefit from Fraud Analytics Software?

Enformion offers plenty of ways to mitigate fraud within your organization. Our tools ensure fraud reduction in various industries is easier and faster. A few of these industries that benefit from our fraud analytics software includes the following:

  • Law enforcement
  • Government
  • Collections
  • Investigators
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Insurance

Our high-quality public records search engine guarantees you get all the information you need to help your fraud prevention attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of fraud analytics?

Fraud analytics help detect potential fraud, both internally and externally, before or after a transaction occurs.

How can Enformion help keep my business safe?

Having the right security tools, such as our Risk Mitigation solution, can help you avoid all types of fraud, including both internal and external fraud. Use Enformion’s tools and data to manage your corporate risk and keep everyone who does business with your company safe.

Can fraud hurt my business reputation?

If your business does fall victim to fraud, you won’t just lose time, money, and energy from internal problems. That fraud may have an impact on your business’s reputation.

How else can fraud analytics benefit my business?

Accurate fraud prevention requires you to pay attention to a number of different factors all at once. When you use automated tools for monitoring, you don’t have to think about all those factors on your own. Enformion uses the most high-quality sources of data and pulls from thousands of sources to keep you up-to-date on the latest relevant information.

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