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When your company needs to perform investigative due diligence, you need to streamline every process. Enformion’s wealth of information and data delivery options can provide the efficiency needed.

Corporate Investigation Solutions

Corporate investigations are an essential part of ensuring your business stays accountable and afloat. If you regularly investigate your business for any reason, it’s a good idea to use Enformion’s corporate investigation solutions as they provide comprehensive, accurate, and actionable insights about business to help you minimize risk, maximize knowledge, and improve efficiencies. Our systems save time and remove the stress out of your investigative process, ensuring you work efficiently and collaborate securely with others.

Know your organization’s current status
Know your employees risk factors
Receive alerts when something changes
Combine automatic and manual tools for effective risk mitigation

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Keep your organization’s current status

Risk management is never-ending. You need to constantly reevaluate risks as your business changes and grows. This way, you can avoid, reduce, accept or transfer risks that affect your business. But manual risk reevaluation can take up a lot of time and energy. It can also divert your team’s attention from things that matter – like growing your business.

But thanks to Enformion’s corporate investigation software, you don’t have to spend hours on end assessing your organizational risk manually. The software comes with a batch processing feature, which lets you receive complete profiles of all your employees. With batch processing, you no longer have to worry about how you’ll manifest each individual search. That’s because you can do all the searches at once.

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Know your employees risk factors

As a business, you want to ensure that the people you’re working with and providing services to are who they say they are. This is particularly true in cases where you’re sharing sensitive data like in insurance, healthcare, government, or law enforcement. Otherwise, you’ll expose yourself to a potential lawsuit or even fraud when information ends up in the wrong hands.

To help lower the chances of a risk situation like this happening, you can use Enformion’s risk mitigation tools to perform identity verification. ID verification helps you verify someone’s identity by matching information they offer you, like name or contact details, with other records like address history, utility listings data, etc.

Receive alerts when something changes

As a business, you put in more time and effort performing background checks on your employees, customers, or even third-party vendors. But even with all the research, it’s still possible to miss a detail about someone that could affect your business. People’s credentials, credibility, or even history can change throughout the investigation. That’s why the importance of the latest updates can never be overstated.

Enformion’s data alert option gives you the latest information about background and behavior changes, allowing you to discover risk fast. With it, you can access expanded details on a person’s legal involvement, payment behavior, media presence, and professional standing. Also included are updates throughout your investigations regarding new developments that could affect credibility. With our data alert option, you can scale your tools to fit your business decisions and due diligence process.

Data Enrichment
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Combine automated and manual tools

Business intelligence tools provide an interface to your raw data, allowing you to quickly analyze, model, and report on disparate data. Through visualization and automation, these tools should augment the decision-making process and offer a better understanding of your business. But you need the right blend of these tools to create a customized security system that works for your specific business decisions.

Enformion’s services use information from more than 6,000 sources and 120 billion up-to-date public records. All this to provide lots of accurate and actionable insights about businesses and people to help reduce risk, maximize knowledge and improve efficiencies. The investigative platform gives you all the due diligence you need to make informed decisions.

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