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An identity management system helps your company offer access only to people who need it. Enformion can help you to manage that system with state-of-the-art data delivery.

Manual Review & Fraud Investigations

Conducting a manual review of any fraud investigation is vital for the success of your business. Although automated tools come in handy, manual reviews help corporations get to the bottom of the issue. However, manual reviews of fraud investigations can only happen when you have the right tools in place. Enformion’s public records search engines can help streamline the entire process – manual or automated – with easy and fast access to high-quality and up-to-date data.

Conduct manual reviews more easily
Keep a continuous eye on risky individuals and fraudsters
Reduce fraud liability
Perform business due diligence

Quickly Conduct Manual Reviews

Although vital to the success of your organization, manual reviews can be time-consuming. You end up spending a lot of resources that could be best reserved for pushing your company forward. Therefore, it is vital to rely on automation whenever possible.

For starters, it is not economical to conduct a manual review very often. With Enformion, you get automated tools to help make manual reviews as few as possible. Equally, you get a better understanding of what is happening. Therefore, you can channel your time and resources to what matters most – growing your business.

Flag Fraud Before it Happens

Fraud needs to be dealt with immediately you notice any suspicious activity. Often, fraud will lead to more fraud which can be devastating to your company. Therefore, you need to manage all fraud issues as soon as you see them. Doing this will also help you identify and handle fraud-related issues much better in the future.

Mitigating fraud doesn’t need to be a difficult task. All you need are Enformion’s tools like fraud analytics to help you better understand fraud. Therefore, it gets quite easy to identify and stop fraud before it even happens. Doing this keeps you profitable, thus safeguarding your bottom line.

  • Keep a continuous eye on risky individuals
  • Enhance your fraud detection program
  • Enformion’s tools, such as data alerts, give you the ability to do so

Reduce fraud liability

Enformion includes data alerts that give you the ability to detect fraud early. Therefore, you can reduce fraud damages within your organization. Equally, you get to deter fraudsters which helps better protect your business.

Customers want to work with an organization that they can trust. For starters, they need to believe that sharing confidential data with you will not put them at any risk. Manual review and fraud investigation will help you maintain a good public reputation. Therefore, your business gets established within your industry due to the high volume of customers.

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Boost profits

Manual review and fraud investigation software allows you to conduct fraud analysis. You also get to automate the system to request a manual review whenever necessary. Therefore, it helps reveal more information about individuals which is critical in doing your due diligence and identity verification on vendors, employees, and customers.

Thus, you get to improve the reputation of your company. Doing this increases customer loyalty and boosts sales within your organization. Consumers will want to interact with you more when they can trust your security features. It is a simple practice that will increase sales while building your brand name.

Perform Due Diligence

Did you know that doing your due diligence is the first step towards avoiding any lawsuits? For starters, staying compliant with local laws will guarantee you stay in business. Secondly, you can reduce legal liabilities by using Enformion’s tools and solutions.

It is mandatory to perform your due diligence to consumers, employees, and vendors – regardless of your industry. Therefore, you need to ensure manual review and fraud investigation are on top of your priority list. However, ensure you get a personalized system that suits your needs – such as Enformion’s manual review and fraud investigation software.

  • Automated solutions save time and effort
  • Processes such as monitoring security features
  • Enformion can help you stay up-to-date automatically

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Enformion help corporate investigations?

As with law enforcement investigations, we can help to streamline the process with fast and easy access to high-quality data to increase fraud prevention and reduce the time spent on manual reviews.

How can Enformion help speed up manual reviews?

The simple fact is, conducting manual reviews takes more time than handling automatic reviews. Although risk and fraud alerts make it easier to determine fraud, using Enformion to conduct manual reviews will give you a better understanding of the situation.

How can Enformion help monitor fraud?

When you have strong identity verification, fraud detection, fraud prevention, and risk mitigation systems in place, you’ll notice the potential for fraud before it ever happens. Enformion’s tools make sure you don’t have to go through manual fraud reviews as often as you otherwise could.

How can Enformion help in business due diligence?

Doing your due diligence helps keep your company out of legal and moral hot water. Stay up to date on compliance, & reduce legal liability with our wide array of tools and solutions

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