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It can be difficult managing campus safety and getting delinquent payers of student loans or parking tickets to pay back their debts. See how Enformion can make those processes easier.

Managing campus safety and settling delinquent accounts (parking tickets and student loans) doesn’t have to be difficult. Having the right tools makes these processes easier. Luckily, Enformion is here to help.

You can improve your institution’s security policies by using Enformion’s identity verification capabilities and access to data. Our publicly available information does the legwork for you to ensure the campus remains safe and profitable. Here is how Education Collections Software can help higher education institutions.

Maintain Campus Safety

With Enformion’s data, and identity verification capabilities, you can greatly improve your institution’s security procedures. 

Close delinquent accounts more quickly

For those in an institution’s accounts receivable or collections departments, being able to find delinquent borrowers to negotiate repayment is of the utmost importance.

Streamline student parking enforcement

Enformion can help with enforcement efforts, as well as locate offenders to have them make good on their debt.

Maintain campus safety

Building and maintaining a safe campus is an ongoing process. You need access to data to help you highlight improvement areas, discover causes of violence, and determine effective prevention methods. Enformion helps you gather this information quickly and effectively.

Therefore, you can create security strategies that best suit your higher education institutions. Shaping safety and security solutions based on your campus problems allow for an effective and targeted approach.

Incident detection, prevention, and response are made easier with Enformion's education collections software. You also get to continuously measure performance which allows for effective corrective actions where necessary. It is an excellent approach to creating a safe community within your campus.

Finally, our identity verification capabilities ensure you confirm the identity of every person within your higher education institution. Doing this is the first step towards improving security procedures within your campus. For starters, you can verify that every person within the institution is authorized to be there.

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Find delinquent payers faster

Safeguarding the future of your higher education institution starts with finding and closing delinquent accounts. Your collections department (or collections agency) needs access to updated contact information to help find these borrowers and negotiate repayment.

Here is how Enformion's education collections software can help you close delinquent accounts:

  • Giving you access to complete and current contact information for almost all adults in the United States. Therefore, it makes it easier to track down any delinquent payers.
  • Ensuring you make right-party contact, thus making debt collections more effective. It is common for adults to change addresses, phone numbers, and places of work. Therefore, you must save time and resources by not contacting the wrong individuals.
  • Providing skip tracing tools to locate debtors that are harder to find. Some delinquent account owners try to avoid paying off their debt. These individuals make it almost impossible to locate them. However, Enformion's skip tracing tools can help you effectively track down hard-to-find debtors.

Streamline student parking enforcement

Parking violations are rather common on campuses. However, many of these violations don't get paid. Instead, a majority of parking violations on campuses end up in arrears. Therefore, there is a need to have a streamlined student parking enforcement process.

At Enformion, we can help with designing viable enforcement processes. Equally, we can assist you to locate offenders to ensure they clear their debt. Here's how Enformion can streamline student parking enforcement processes:

  • Enhancing a proprietary enforcement database for student parking. Doing this helps monitor unauthorized and authorized vehicles. Thus, making it easier to collect on any parking violations within the campus.
  • Helping you find violators quickly and effectively. Our right-party contact tools ensure you track down holders of delinquent parking tickets. Getting in touch with the right person is the first step towards ensuring they make good of their debt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Enformion help those in the education industry?

With Enformion’s data and identity verification capabilities, you can greatly improve your institution’s security procedures and find delinquent payers quicker.

How can Enformion improve campus safety?

With Enformion’s data, and identity verification capabilities, you can greatly improve your educational institution’s security procedures. Our information is publicly available; we just do the legwork for you to make it easily accessible.

How can Enformion help Education collections departments?

For those in an institution’s accounts receivable or collections departments, being able to find delinquent payers to negotiate repayment is of the utmost importance. Enformion offers current and complete contact information for nearly every adult in the United States. You can use this data to ensure right-party contact for more effective collections; no time is wasted contacting the wrong people.

Can Enformion help enforce student parking violations?

Yes! Enformion data can enhance a proprietary student parking enforcement database to help monitor authorized or unauthorized vehicles. Our right-party contact tools can help to quickly find any violators in order to collect payment for a delinquent parking ticket.

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