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It can be difficult managing campus safety and getting delinquent payers of student loans or parking tickets to pay back their debts. See how Enformion can make those processes easier.

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How Enformion Helps Institutions of Higher Learning

Of all the industries and institutions out there, it’s only natural that education would be the one most appreciative of the value of good and reliable information. However, the value of the public records and other public information that Enformion offers might not be so obvious.

Enformion has billions of records in its database. And these records can be used in a variety of ways to make a number of college business operations run more efficiently.

Make Your Campus Safer

How can you enhance your security team’s efficacy without crossing the line into civil rights violations or invasions of privacy? With Enformion’s data, and our identity verification capabilities, you can greatly improve your institution’s security procedures without making any legal missteps. All of our information is publicly available; we just do the legwork for you to make it all accessible.

  • Quickly make sure if a person is authorized to be on campus by verifying his or her identity.
  • Use Enformion’s criminal record data to be mindful of any risk factors students may have.
  • By analyzing any patterns or trends in our data, more effective and proactive preventative measures can be put in place.

Find Delinquent Payers Faster

You want to give students every opportunity possible to get the higher education they deserve. But what if they don’t repay the assistance they received in a timely manner? For those in an institution’s accounts receivable or collections departments, being able to locate these delinquent payers to negotiate repayment is of the utmost importance.

  • Enformion offers current and complete location data for nearly every adult in the United States.
  • You can use this data to ensure right-party contact for more effective collections; no time is wasted contacting the wrong people.
  • For those debtors who are proving harder to find, we also offer specialty skip tracing tools.

Streamline Enforcement Processes for Student Parking

In the rush to get to class, many students may bend or break the rules when it comes to where and how long they park their vehicle. This can result in one or many parking violations. Many of these parking violations don’t get paid and wind up in arrears. But we can help with enforcement efforts, as well as locate offenders to have them make good on their debt.

  • Enformion data can enhance a proprietary student parking enforcement database to help track authorized or unauthorized vehicles.
  • Our right-party contact tools can help to quickly find any violators in order to collect payment for a delinquent parking ticket.
  • Don’t miss out on what is probably a substantial source of revenue by not making every reasonable effort to collect parking fines.

Get Data the Way You Need It

Each department in a college requires its own kind of data, and to have it delivered in a specific way to match up with their mode of operations. Enformion specializes in creating customized and scalable data delivery solutions to meet any organization’s needs, be they large or small, public or private. And we can tailor the kind and amount of data needed to best meet a department’s objectives.

  • Use our batch processing solution to clean up and/or enrich your data sets in large or small groups.
  • Integrate Enformion’s rich data into your own system via API.
  • When you just need to check one or two records at a time, perform fast manual searches on our web search platform.



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