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Medical License Lookup

What is a Medical License Lookup?

Medical License Lookup

In the United States, all medical professionals must be licensed in the state he or she practices in. Medical professionals may be licensed in more than one state. Licensing laws vary by state. For this reason, each state maintains its own database of medical licenses. Most states provide a free online medical license lookup tool for individuals to use. The search will provide a name, license number, type of license, and status, including if there has been any formal disciplinary action taken by that state's medical board. Hospital and health facilities must also have licenses, but these are a separate license and a separate search. Practicing medicine without a license is a serious crime and is treated accordingly.

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Documents You’ll Need
Please have the following documents ready in digital format.
  • Government Issued ID(i.e. drivers license, passport)
  • Professional License
  • Business License
  • Address Verification (i.e. utility bill, lease)