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How to Make the Most of Big Data with Enformion

In financial services and other industries, you have likely heard how big data is king. These days, data is what informs how a business is organized and how it operates. No matter what your actual role may be in a company—sales, marketing, collections, etc.— you need data to do it effectively. 

To help your company make the most of big data at all levels, you need to be able to access it and organize it in ways that are most useful to your company and its infrastructure. Enformion can help you to implement the effective data structure you need to work most efficiently.

Get All the Data You Need

Ideally, your company can get all the data it needs for its various functions all in one place. At Enformion, our database houses billions of records about people and places in the U.S. And those records are added to on a regular basis, making our database current, as well as comprehensive. Then, we make accessing all that data as convenient as possible.

  • Access to our data is available via an easy-to-use web search platform.
  • You can enrich your own contact lists and other data sets with Enformion data via batch processing.
  • Or you can integrate Enformion data directly into your own existing system via a customizable API. Then, we can help structure access to specific kinds of data based on a person’s role and security level.

Enformion Data – Reach & Breadth

reach and breadth
reach and breadth
reach and breadth

Break that Data Down into Useful Information

While most roles may use big data, not all roles will use the same data; everyone does not need access to everything. Not only is unlimited access risky from a security perspective, it can actually slow down processes. To streamline specific tasks, your employees need to be able to access refined datasets that are useful just for those particular tasks.

  • To properly organize data, you need to predetermine what kinds of data are necessary for specific roles in your company.
  • You can then create an interface that offers access to those specific data sets.
  • That same interface can be used to put the displayed data in context, and make it more immediately useful to the person accessing it.

Use Data to Pursue Opportunities

Public records and other data can alert you to opportunities you may not be aware of otherwise. This makes it particularly useful to sales and marketing teams, whose job it is to acquire and retain high-quality customers. Enformion data can help such teams focus their efforts on people who are likely to be receptive to the kinds of products and services your company provides.

  • Enformion data includes current address, employment information, assets and other positive indicators.
  • Such data can help your teams determine if someone falls into your demographic focus.
  • That data can also help your teams come up with tailored marketing and sales approaches that speak directly to a potential client.

Use Data to Mitigate Risk and Fraud

For those who manage your company’s due diligence and crime compliance initiatives, our data can help them meet the necessary requirements with each and every transaction.

  • Keep transactions secure, but still streamlined, with immediate access to data that verifies a customer’s identity and reveals any risk factors.



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