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Big Data is a phrase that refers somewhat nebulously to all of the data that’s collected on everything, everywhere. It also references how important (or “big”) all of this data is these days to making informed business decisions. But it takes expertise and, especially, specific technology to extract just the data points you need and then analyze them for specific tasks.

Enformion can help you to get the information you want, and provide you with analytics and insights to help you interpret the data quickly and accurately.

Data, When and How You Need It

While the idea of all the possibilities offered by Big Data is certainly enticing, it can also be intimidating figuring out how to bring it all down to size. You have to decide how much data, what kind, and when you need it to make decisions in an efficient manner. Fortunately, Enformion can help to custom tailor a data plan for your business, so you get a comprehensive view of just the data you need to function.

  • Even with irrelevant data left out, it could still take time to organize things manually.
  • Setting up a technology-based data system automates things organizationally and ensures much more efficient operations.

Online Investigative Platform

On its own, or as part of a larger data package, the Enformion web search platform offers immediate access to information about people and places. Simply enter a name, address, or other piece of identifying information, and our servers go to work pulling together all the relevant data related to that search criteria.

  • The web search makes it easier to look up subjects one at a time, with fast and well-organized results.
  • Features such as identity verification with confidence scoring, skip tracing tools, and unbanked data searches can help to provide focus on the most important data for you.
  • It’s a fast way to hone in on the pieces of Big Data that apply to you and your business.

Batch Processing and Batch Append Capabilities

Enformion can help you to keep all of your data sets and systems complete and up-to-date with regular batch processing. Send over your existing contact lists and other data sets large or small, and we can enrich, clean up and otherwise make that data correct and current.

  • Batch processing through Enformion can enrich your data sets with information that you haven’t normally collected, but are necessary for key business decisions.
  • We can clean up incorrect or incomplete address and contact information for right-party contact.
  • Batch processing can happen daily, hourly, weekly, monthly or on any other schedule that makes the most sense to you.

Customized API Integration

For a truly streamlined way to make use of the power of Big Data, we offer you the option of bringing it in-house. Via API integration, Enformion data and tools can be made accessible through your company’s own existing interface. From there, you can even tailor how employees can see the data based on their role, security level, etc.

  • The Enformion database has over 40 billion records from 6000+ data sources, and those numbers continue to grow.
  • That information can be invaluable to the efficient functions of your sales, marketing, collections, and other teams.
  • Through API integration, Enformion information can become a seamless addition to everyday processes.

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