Customer Information Management


Customer data is an ever-evolving entity, making it a challenge to manage. Learn more about how Enformion can help you to always keep your data up-to-date.

Managing Customer Information with Enformion

We are equipped to help you keep up with the ever-changing world of customer information. Our database contains billions of pieces of data about people and is continually refreshed with the latest information available.

Keep Information Up-to-Date
Continuously Assess Risk
Offer Products Based on Life Changes
Be Ready for Any Contingency

Keep information up-to-date

Enformion’s database, proprietary tools, and solutions, such as Data Enrichment, are regularly updated with the latest information, so you can be assured you always have thorough and up-to-date data on your customers.

Our Data Enrichment tool can fill in any gaps you may currently have. Append your datasets regularly through periodic batch processing to clean up, correct, or update your data with current information, as well as other data attributes helpful to your business.

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Continuously Assess Risk

Just as a customer’s general information could change over the life of their account, so could their level of risk. When you initially perform a transaction for a customer, their risk may have been minimal. But since then, they may have experienced some hardship. We can provide you with that data so you can work toward mitigating that increased risk.

Offer products based on life changes

Our data keeps you in the loop about a customer’s life changes allowing you to offer current and prospective customers products tailored to their current situation and financial needs.

Be Ready for Any Contingency

When your customer datasets are up-to-date and complete, you can feel much more confident that you are ready for when any changes do occur, good or bad. On one side, complete data can help you to troubleshoot whenever a customer’s risk factors increase. And on the other side, you can be ready with smart service offers and helpful marketing efforts. The analytical tools available at Enformion can help you to divide and conquer the wealth of available data and create useful segments that help your business succeed.

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