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Customer data is an ever-evolving entity, making it a challenge to manage. Learn more about how Enformion can help you to always keep your data up-to-date.

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Managing Customer Information with Enformion

The moment they become a customer a person’s data is bound to change. It can’t be helped; time and circumstances work to make a person’s records and data moving targets. But it’s still up to you to try and keep with them.

Fortunately, Enformion is equipped to help you do just that. Our database contains billions of pieces of data about people, and it’s continually refreshed with the latest information available.

Keep Information Up-To-Date

Customers don’t always update or self-report changes to their information. Enformion’s database is regularly updated with the latest information. So, you can be sure you always have thorough and up-to-date data on your customers, and proceed accordingly.

  • While a customer in good standing is more likely to keep their address and contact information up-to-date, they may not do the same with other life events.
  • Getting married, having a baby, starting a new job are actually important things for a financial services company to know.
  • Enformion can make sure you always have access to the most current and important information about customers.

Continuously Assess Risk

Just as a customer’s general information could change over the life of their account, so could their level of risk. When you initially perform a transaction for a customer, their risk may have been minimal. But since then, they may have experienced a job loss, foreclosure, or some other financial hardship. We can provide you with that kind of data so you can work toward mitigating that increased risk.

  • Due diligence needs to continue beyond the onboarding stages of a customer’s account.
  • Periodic risk assessments for current clients are necessary to identify changes to a customer’s situation and any possible associated risks.
  • Staying up-to-date on risk factors helps ensure your company is meeting its crime compliance requirements.

Offer Products Based on Life Changes

If a customer is thinking about buying a home or starting an investment portfolio, they will often go to a financial services provider to look into it. But that does not mean that you cannot be proactive in the meantime. Our data can keep you in the loop with life changes to offer current and prospective customers products tailored to their current situation and financial needs.

  • If someone’s financial situation has recently changed for the better, you want to be ready to offer options to further improve that situation.
  • You could also be ready with products to improve a client’s financial downturn.
  • Enformion data can keep you informed on a variety of scenarios where your services could be beneficial.

Be Ready for Any Contingency

When your customer datasets are up-to-date and complete, you can feel much more confident that you are ready for when any changes do occur, good or bad. On one side, complete data can help you to troubleshoot whenever a customer’s risk factors increase. And on the other side, you can be ready with smart service offers and helpful marketing efforts.

  • Successful financial services companies anticipate their customers’ needs while also meeting their legal requirements.
  • Having access to thorough information helps with both aspects.
  • Enformion gives you access to such information in ways best-suited for your business: web search, batch processing, or via API.



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