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To succeed in financial services, it’s imperative you know and understand your customer. Find out how Enformion’s suite of data solutions can help you get the full picture.

Customer Data Enrichment Solutions

Thorough, high-quality and accurate data can help you to learn more about your customers and offer them the products and services most useful to them. The real challenge lies in getting the kinds of data you need. And then you need to be able to parse that data into workable segments and make it useful on a practical level.

Make your data complete

The first thing that our data enrichment tool can do for your datasets is to fill in any gaps you may currently have. As thorough as you may be onboarding a customer, that initial data is unlikely to remain exactly the same throughout the life of that account. And the types of basic data you need as a company may change over time, as well.

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  • Valuable data points such as phone numbers, demographics, contact information, and more to get the complete picture.
  • Append your datasets regularly through periodic batch processing.
  • Clean up, correct, and update the real-time data you already have with current information, as well as other data attributes helpful to your business.

Add new data that can reveal opportunities

There may be some customer data that you do not regularly collect, but that can actually be helpful to you and your business. Enformion can enhance your datasets with the additional information you want, including updated assets and background information. We can even help you to analyze this new data to see if it reveals any useful opportunities.

Analyze and segment data to make it useful

After filling in the holes and supplementing your data, you need to be able to use that data to your benefit. Part of that process involves parsing the right kinds of data out to the teams who can use it. The analytical tools available at Enformion can help you to divide and conquer the wealth of available data and create useful segments, for a variety of uses including messaging, building out customer profiles, and helping marketers target more effectively.

Give customers what they want

High-quality data can be a powerful and eye-opening thing. More than just dry facts of a customer’s life or their demographic, enriched data can actually tell you what they want or need. Being able to interpret data in such a way allows you to truly understand and offer your customers the products and services they want. Ultimately, this ability can give you an edge over your competitors in providing a high-quality customer experience.

  • Data can help you develop focused and personalized offerings that customers actually want.
  • Being able to do so in a proactive way shows customers your willingness to innovate while also taking care of them and their finances.
  • Innovation and forward-thinking product offerings are exactly what inspire customer confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data enrichment?

Our Data Enrichment tool can fill in any gaps you may currently have. Append your datasets regularly through periodic batch processing to clean up, correct, or update your data with current information, as well as other data attributes helpful to your business.

How do you enrich my data?

Append your datasets regularly through periodic batch processing that will clean up, correct, and update the data you already have with current information, as well as other data attributes helpful to your business. Our data quality is unparalleled giving you the edge over your competitors. 

How can Enformion’s data help me offer better service to my customers?

Our data keeps you in the loop about a customer’s life changes allowing you to offer current and prospective customers products tailored to their current situation and financial needs.

How can I access Enformion’s data?

All of our data is available via the Cloud-based Platform, Batch, or API with customizable options from one of our data experts.

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Batch Processing

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Enformion API

Our API solutions allow you to integrate software systems for in-depth searches and display custom results using your own existing applications. 

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Cloud-based Platform

Enformion's cloud-based platform provides easy and convenient access to data, whenever you need it.

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