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Fraud mitigation takes continuous effort, and the rules change all the time. See how Enformion can help you adapt while maintaining strong customer relations with your base.

Fraud and Identity Management Services

The ever-present threat of fraud requires ongoing vigilance. Fortunately, we have the range of advanced, automated tools and data that financial companies need to stay ahead of fraud 24/7.

Authenticate customers and vendors
Mitigate the need for manual reviews
Maintain a good customer experience
Adapt to changing fraud attempts

Authenticate customers and vendors

One essential tool for reducing fraud is our Identity Verification service available via Batch, API, or our online web portal. With our easy-to-use data search capabilities, regular identity verification and fraud detection become quicker and easier.

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Mitigate the need for manual reviews

If there is suspicion of fraud, the need to manually review information related to the transaction inevitably takes time. Ideally, you can reduce the number of manual reviews that have to be conducted. Enformion gives you that ability with our automated authentication solutions.

Maintain a good customer experience

Keeping your security efforts behind the scenes shows customers they have nothing to worry about with their finances in your company’s hands. Our data and customizable delivery options make these processes seamless, allowing you to focus on providing better customer service.

Adapt to changing fraud attempts

With the array of tools and comprehensive data that we offer, your company can be much more nimble if and when new fraud attempts are made. And they can make you that much more sophisticated in verifying identities against equally sophisticated (but false) proofs of identity. In short, you can feel much more confident facing the constant—and evolving—challenge fraud presents with Enformion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fraud identity management?

A fraud identity management software is a system built to manage identities so you can turn away fraudsters before they ever start with your company. Identity management is about how you handle everyone in your organization.

How can I access fraud and identity management services?

All of our data is available via the Cloud-based Platform, Batch, or API with customizable options from one of our data experts.

Who can benefit from fraud and identity management software?

Fraud detection and identity management tools are extremely important for a variety of industries. Financial services tend to be hard hit by fraud, but fraud can have a negative impact on just about any organization such as insurance, government, and collections.

What do fraud and identity management solutions include?

A fraud and identity management software reveals information about each person in your organization or interacting with your organization. This helps you not only turn away potential fraudsters but also tailor your marketing campaigns to current and future customers.

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