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Fraud mitigation takes continuous effort, and the rules change all the time. See how Enformion can help you adapt while maintaining strong customer relations with your base.

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Fraud and Identity Management Services

Fighting fraud is an ongoing concern, with persistent criminals coming up with new and creative ways of defrauding financial institutions. It seems as soon as one fraud attempt is thwarted, another different one comes up in its place. It’s frustrating at least and, especially if not caught in a timely manner, has the potential to bring a company to its knees.

The ever-present threat of fraud requires eternal vigilance. Fortunately, Enformion has the range of advanced, automated tools and data that financial companies need to stay ahead of fraud 24/7.

Always Know Who You’re Working With

One essential tool for reducing fraud is our Identity Verification service available via API and the online web portal. Being able to verify a customer or vendor or a customer’s identity is standard practice during the onboarding process. And it should also be done periodically throughout the life of an account; for every transaction. With our easy-to-use data search capabilities, regular identity verification becomes quick and simple.

  • Use the Enformion web search platform to quickly lookup a person and get a fuller picture, starting with just a couple pieces of identifying information.
  • For profiles of groups of people, you can try batch processing your data, on your schedule.
  • Or integrate Enformion into your own existing data system for immediate access via a customized API solution.

Mitigate the Need for Manual Reviews

If there is suspicion of fraud, the need to manually review information related to the transaction inevitably takes time. Ideally, you can reduce the number of manual reviews that have to be conducted. And for those that do have to occur, you should have the ability to reduce the amount of time and energy that they take. Enformion can give you that ability with an online scoring of identities, based on a key PII.

  • The amount and types of data that are available at your fingertips helps to negate some of the plodding parts of manual investigations.
  • You can have a continual view of a client. So, if an investigation is necessary, you already have much of the information you need at the ready.

Maintain a Good Customer Experience

By speeding things up and reducing any interruption an investigation might cause, you greatly improve the customer experience. Nor do you have to bring up the sensitive subject of fraud with a customer unless absolutely necessary. Keeping your security efforts as subtle and behind the scenes as possible shows customers they have nothing to worry about with their finances in your company’s hands.

  • Enformion’s data and delivery options makes the process seamless, and nearly invisible to a customer.
  • Moving quickly, but still securely, is a sure-fire way to instill customer confidence.

Adapt to Changing Fraud Attempts

With the array of tools and comprehensive data that Enformion offers, your company can be that much nimbler if and when new fraud attempts are made. And they can make you that much more sophisticated in verifying identities against equally sophisticated (but false) proofs of identity. In short, you can feel much more confident facing the constant—and evolving—challenge fraud presents.

  • Data is always up-to-date, ensuring you’re ready for whatever comes your way.
  • Data is delivered to you with customizable features via API, Batch Processing, and Online.



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