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In your mix of clients, you are apt to have a large proportion of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Learn how to mitigate the risks SMBs present with Enformion.

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Assess Small and Mid-Sized Business Risk with Enformion

United States SMBs are a significant source of revenue and are often equitable partnerships for your company. At the same time, however, they present higher risk than larger, well-established businesses.

Before engaging in a partnership or customer relations with a small business, Enformion can provide important information to confirm the background of a business. A new business, for example is an unknown, with little to no histories, untested owners/founders, and a lack of financial reserves to weather economic downturns. In this case, you can get the confidence you need to move forward with an SMB by conducting risk assessments on the players involved. Enformion provides the information you need on associated individuals or businesses.

Get the Information You Need to Analyze the Unknown

In the case of assessing risk for young small and mid-sized businesses, your option is to analyze the data that does exist for parties related to the SMB venture. In doing so, you can glean information that can very well predict behavioral patterns, rates of success, and other details.

  • You may be willing to accept some level of risk partnering up with an SMB, but you also don’t want to go into things completely blind.
  • In this case, you can find adequate data for your due diligence purposes by looking into the associated parties.
  • This information for individuals and businesses is readily available at Enformion.

Verify People, Owners, Directors

One way to feel more confident about an SMB is to investigate the individuals associated with it. By looking into a small or mid-sized business owner’s background, you can find information relevant to the current venture. Knowing the people behind a business will go a long way toward also understanding how well an SMB partnership with your company could fare.

  • With Enformion, simply look up the SMB owners of record by name and/or other piece of identifying information.
  • Doing so, you should be able to see their current assets, any former businesses, criminal records, and more.
  • For decision-making purposes, an SMB owner’s information can be reasonably connected to their business.

Identify Other Affiliated Entities

If there is another business associated with an SMB, you can perform similar research into that business to verify its reputation and levels of success. If the related business is similarly light on data, you can research the individuals behind it. Otherwise, if an affiliated business or corporate backer is larger and well-known, you can feel more positive about the outcome.

  • You can research these businesses to verify their legitimacy, profitability, and the individuals associated with them.
  • Once you have the names for the owners of other businesses, you can then easily research them.
  • Enformion can provide the data needed about these businesses and individuals.

Meet your Compliance Requirements

On top of a relative lack of definitive data, small and mid-sized businesses offer the added challenge of local or industry-specific regulations that you may have to meet. However, by investigating the vital information presented by the responsible individuals and associated businesses, you better ensure you’re meeting your financial crime compliance obligations.

  • Enformion helps to make the necessary risk assessments and identity verifications quicker with easy access to data.
  • Look up data fast on our web search platform, process larger datasets via batch processing, or integrate Enformion data into a proprietary system with a customized API.



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