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With more than 120 billion records, Enformion continually updates our data from over 6,000 sources to create a complete view of the U.S. adult population. Our strength is the ability to match disparate data sets to build a comprehensive profile of an individual. This includes current phone, address, deceased records, relatives and associates’ linkages, as well as comprehensive details, including 40-year address history, bankruptcies, criminal records, liens, property ownership, associated businesses, and more.

Enformion supports combinations of flexible inputs for end-users to locate often difficult-to-find data points, such as last known location, a previous phone number, or other attributes to determine an identity match with the current location and contact information. Enformion delivers actionable, accurate, and up-to-date information to customers in the public and commercial sectors. Data is available via flexible big data platforms, including real-time API, web interface, batch, and flat file installations. Leverage, our in-depth solutions to find more data:

Nationwide public records data

  • Bankruptcy, lien, and judgment records 
  • Evictions
  • Foreclosures
  • Property ownership
  • Business records
  • and more

Our Foundation

  • A world-class technology platform 
  • Big data algorithm for searching, matching, and processing 
  • 30+ years experience in data aggregation 
  • Credit + historical + proprietary + public

Our Principles

  • Nimble and customer-driven product innovation 
  • Relentless focus on efficiency 
  • Flexible pricing solutions

Rather than providing a single solution, Enformion gives you a customizable solution to utilize data in your very own way.