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Address Lookup

An address can give you a lot of information. When it comes to a home, the address can help you access public records that may include when the home was built, who lives there, when it was remodeled, property value, previous and current owners, and much more. However, getting your hands on that information is another story.

With an address lookup, you can track down information related to an address. Whether you’re looking for information on a person or on a home, an address lookup can make it easier to get that information. Plus, because an address lookup only requires the street address, it’s easy to run one on any address.

What Is an Address Lookup?

At its simplest, an address lookup uses public records of an address to find out who lives there. Address lookups also give more information about the location itself. For example, you may be able to find out when a house was built, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in a house, historical sales prices, and sometimes even pictures.

How Does a Reverse Address Lookup Work?

One important element of uncovering information about a person may be a reverse address lookup. When you’re looking to verify someone’s identity, understand who a person is, or make sure they’re safe, an address lookup is one of the tools a business can use. Technically, this is a reverse address lookup, not a standard address lookup, because you’re using the address lookup tool to find out more about a person rather than to find out more about the address.

Why Might I Need an Address Lookup?

An address lookup can be a great way for you to get more information, but how does that information fit into your overall plan? It’s a crucial part of many business strategies. Here are a few things an address lookup can help your business with:

  • Skip Tracing
  • Identity Verification
  • Insurance Fraud Prevention
  • Real Estate Investment Strategies
  • Risk Management

As you can see, an address lookup is just one element of these plans, not the only element of the plans. For example, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use an address lookup as your only real estate investment tool, but it can be helpful for real estate investment overall.

Who Utilizes Address Lookups?

Anyone from individuals with a personal business to gigantic corporations can benefit from address lookups in some way. It’s just important that you scale your address lookups to meet your specific business needs. Here are a few of the types of groups that can use address lookups:

  • Insurance companies
  • Small businesses
  • Large corporations
  • Legal professionals
  • Private investigators
  • Government officials

This significant list ranges from private investigators, who may run their own single-person business, to large corporations, who may employ hundreds or thousands of people. An address lookup works the same way no matter what size your company is. You just have to make sure you’re working with a public record search engine organization that can help at any size.

How Can Enformion Help With Address Lookups?

When you’re doing address lookups, you want as much information as possible. Whether you’re trying to find someone, look up information about a house, or investigate someone’s identity, a thorough address lookup that’s scalable to your needs is crucial. Enformion has as much information as you could possibly need, making it the perfect solution to your address lookup concerns.