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Asset Search

An asset is one of the things that people use as part of their net worth. For someone with a lot of assets, their net worth may be much higher; fewer assets tend to result in a much lower net worth. Conversely, assets can also be something that people hide if they’re trying to avoid an official knowing where their money is.

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking for assets or why you think someone may be hiding certain assets. If there are assets out there, there’s a way to tie them back to their legal owners. You just need to know how to look through the system and use an asset search so you can find those ties.

What Is an Asset Search?

An asset search is one way you can find hidden or otherwise concealed assets. When you talk about an “asset search,” you’re not talking about something similar to an “internet search”—there’s no single database with all assets where you can look for an individual and see what they own. Instead, you’re mostly talking about using all the tools at your disposal to go through multiple channels and find assets. This can be a lot of work and can be very complicated, but at the end of the process, you should have information about what assets a person owns.

What Products Will an Asset Search Uncover?

As you go through the process of an asset search, you should be able to cover all sorts of assets, which means there are many items you could uncover through the asset search. Here are a few:

  • Houses
  • Rental properties
  • Equipment
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Cash and liquid assets
  • Vehicles
  • Contracts

As you can see, the definition of “asset” is pretty wide, and it’s one you might need to go through as you search for assets. Make sure you use as wide a net as possible.

Who Can Use an Asset Search?

An asset search is an option for a wide range of people. That’s because there are many places where knowing someone’s assets can come into play. These are a few situations where an asset search can be helpful:

  • A legal team trying to find out all of a defendant’s assets.
  • A debt collection agency trying to make sure a lender isn’t hiding any assets from them.
  • An investigator trying to make sure a business’s stated assets line up.
  • An investor hoping to confirm a company’s net worth.

All of these are great reasons to use for an asset search, although they’re all different reasons to use an asset search as well. If you think searching for assets could be a helpful way to bolster your business, you definitely should consider using it. It might be labor-intensive, but the results will pay off.

How Can Enformion Help With an Asset Search?

The best way Enformion helps with asset searches is by making sure you have multiple avenues to pursue assets. After all, with so many different kinds of assets out there, you need a way to look through multiple asset sources at once. Enformion can provide you with a high-quality search option for most of your search needs, no matter who you’re searching for or what types of assets you’re interested in.