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DMV Records

If you’re looking for a lot of information about someone, there are many places you might be able to get that information. If the person drives, whether for business or fun, the DMV may be one of the first stops you’ll make. After all, a driver’s license is one of the ways you can prove your identity, and the DMV provides that information.

When you want to learn more about someone’s driving history, a DMV record might be exactly what you’re looking for. This record will give you all sorts of information about an individual’s driving history, as well as some information about the driver.

What Is a DMV Record?

Essentially, a DMV record, which is officially called a Motor Vehicle Report or MVR, contains all the information you need to know about a person’s driving and history. That includes both general driving information as well as any criminal convictions that an individual has received while driving. Some states allow for a complete history, while some states only allow for history stretching back a certain amount of time.

What Does a DMV Record Have in It?

It depends wholly on the state when it comes to what a DMV record might have in it. Most states require a certain amount of information, but some states may add more to the record. Regardless of the state, the record is from, however, you’ll likely see all or most of these things in the record:

  • Driver’s license status
  • Traffic accident records
  • Points on the license
  • Traffic law violations
  • Criminal convictions
  • Fines
  • DUIs

As you can see, there are many things that a DMV record may end up showcasing. However, it is important to remember that in some states, a DMV record may only show the last few years, the length of which will depend on the state.

What Is the Use of a DMV Record?

A DMV record allows you to see how a person drives, including their ability to stay safe on the roads. It can be difficult to make decisions about a person’s driving safety, especially if you’re not able to physically watch them drive. If someone’s driving history is important for a certain assignment or job, you need to know whether to trust them.

A DMV record can also help prove a historical basis for a case. For example, if you’re currently dealing with a legal battle over a car accident and you want to prove that the other person was the one being unsafe, you might want to pull their DMV record to see whether they have a standing record of getting in legal trouble with their car.

How Can Enformion Help Me With a DMV Record?

Even though DMV records are technically public, you’ll likely have to pay a small fee for each one. However, Enformion may be able to help you gather driving information that you don’t have to pay a fee for. When you look at personal information through Enformion, you can be sure you’re getting as much information as possible. Combine DMV record information with Enformion searches to get a more complete picture of any person.