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Eviction Lookup

There are many reasons someone may be unable to pay their rent. Depending on the state and the landlord, once someone misses a rent payment, there might be certain steps to take after someone misses a single rent payment. However, not all states require that a landlord take all sorts of measures to keep someone as a tenant.

If someone can’t pay their rent for long enough, or they violate the rules of a specific apartment complex, they may end up with an eviction notice against them. That means they have to leave the apartment; there’s no longer any way for them to work with the landlord to figure out a solution. When someone receives an eviction notice, they may have that notice show up on their record.

What Is an Eviction Lookup?

Once someone has an eviction notice against them, you may be able to use an eviction lookup to find that notice on their record. If a tenant receives a single eviction notice and leaves quickly, that might not show up on the eviction lookup; it depends on where the landlord files the notice. However, if the landlord has to take the tenant to court to legally enforce the eviction, it will almost certainly show up on both court records and a credit report, making it certain that it’ll end up on the eviction lookup.

Why Might an Eviction Notice Not Show Up?

Typically, an eviction notice will only not show up if the landlord didn’t file the eviction notice properly for one reason or another. For example, a landlord may not want to go through all the trouble to file an eviction notice in court when they’re first notifying the tenant of their eviction. If the tenant leaves when they get that first notification, the landlord may never file the eviction notice with a court, which means it might not show up on an eviction lookup.

This is also one reason it’s a good idea for a tenant to leave as quickly as possible once they receive an eviction notice. It’s much more likely that they won’t have a lasting impact on their credit report or criminal report if they leave very quickly.

Who Can Use an Eviction Lookup?

An eviction lookup is a great tool if you’re trying to find out whether someone has an eviction in their history, as well as where that eviction was and how far the landlord had to go to remove the tenants. That means any of these individuals may want to use an eviction lookup of some kind:

  • Private investigators
  • Legal teams
  • Law enforcement
  • Debt collectors
  • Corporations

As you can see, the uses for eviction lookups are vast. If you need to know more about someone’s rental history or you’re trying to track someone down, an eviction lookup can help you do that.

How Can Enformion Help Me With My Eviction Lookup?

Because Enformion has access to so much information, you’re likely to see evictions on the record of anyone you look up. In general, it’s easy to find whether or not someone was evicted just by doing a bit of searching with Enformion. Even if it’s not information you’re directly looking for, it can be helpful information to have.