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License Plate Database

A license plate is a way to identify a specific car. Each car has a unique license plate, which means that by writing down the license plate, you can make sure that you’re able to identify that specific car at a later date. However, in the modern era, a license plate can be even more helpful than it used to be without technology.

Today, if you have information on a license plate, you’ll almost certainly be able to track the individual’s car across the United States. Plus, because an individual has to register their license plate, you may even be able to work your way from a person’s name all the way to their license plate. It can help you find someone even if their other information is currently out of date.

What Is a License Plate Database?

A license plate database allows you to get license plate tracking information related to a specific number. Essentially, law enforcement has already developed license plate recognition equipment, which regularly functions to track license plates all across the country. Today, it’s not just for law enforcement; anyone can use a license plate database to track someone’s license plate, whether they’re a public or a private agency.

What Type of Information Can a License Plate Database Provide?

The actual information in a license plate database may vary depending on the individual. However, there are some unique pieces of information that you might be able to find on just about every person in a license plate database, which often includes this information:

  • Owner information
  • Vehicle history
  • Time of a vehicle sighting
  • Location of a vehicle sighting
  • Vehicle tracking

Whether you’re using it for investigative reasons or you’re just trying to find owner information on a specific car, a license plate database has a lot of information that might surprise you when you first look into it.

Who Can Use a License Plate Database?

Because a license plate database is so massive, it lends its tools well to all sorts of people. When you use a license plate database, you’re essentially gathering information about someone through their car. That makes it a crucial tool for all these types of people:

  • Law enforcement
  • Private investigators
  • Debt collectors
  • Government agencies

As you can see, license plate databases can be immensely helpful for a wide variety of people, including law enforcement, who were the people that developed the technology in the first place. Plus, if you have any other reasons you might want to use a license plate database, the information is public, which means anyone can use it. However, Enformion does require DDPA-approved use cases and permission to access our data.

How Can Enformion Help With a License Plate Database?

If you’re looking for more information on someone from their license plate, Enformion can help. However, Enformion can also help you take the information from a license plate database and expand it. Once you know the name of the owner, for example, you can run that individual through Enformion and get even more information, such as contact information and their current phone number. Enformion allows you to expand your knowledge even if you gathered that knowledge from outside of Enformion.