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License Plate Tracker

Tracking someone has never exactly been easy; after all, tracking is inherently more difficult when someone doesn’t want you to find them because they’re likely to try and cover their tracks. The process of tracking a person is always a cat-and-mouse game, where you want to be a couple of steps ahead of the other person so that you can make sure you’re able to find them.

This is especially true when it comes to tracking information about someone and their car. However, in the modern era, it’s become significantly easier, especially as technology has adapted to make it more accessible. Today, you’re able to get significantly more information about a person’s car and car trips using a license plate tracker.

What Is a License Plate Tracker?

A license plate tracker utilizes systems that law enforcement agencies have already spent a lot of time developing. Essentially, plate readers and cameras, which already exist on streets all across the United States, scan the tags of any vehicle that drives past them. That information goes into a license plate tracker database, which public and private companies can search. That way, you can track where a specific license plate is, which also tells you where that car is and where the owner might be.

What Can a License Plate Tracker Help You Find?

A license plate tracker gives you information on where a car is, but that’s not the only thing a license plate tracker can do. As a matter of fact, a license plate tracker can provide a stellar amount of information, including but not limited to the following:

  • Vehicle owner information
  • Vehicle location
  • Owner contact information
  • Vehicle history

These things can be crucial when it comes to finding out more information about a specific car. This is especially true if all you have to go on is the license plate number or VIN; if you don’t even know who owns a car, you can’t start the investigation. A license plate tracker can help you get that crucial information to start your process.

Who Might Need to Use a License Plate Tracker?

There are many individuals and agencies that might find benefit in a license plate tracker. That’s because a license plate tracker is extremely versatile; it provides you with information on a car, which many different organizations may need. That includes all of these types of individuals:

  • Debt collection agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Insurance companies
  • Skip tracers

 This also isn’t a complete list, however. A license plate tracker can be extremely useful for a variety of people. If you’re currently in a situation where you have a license plate number and you need to use it to find information about someone, a license plate tracker might be the perfect tool for your needs. Enformion does require DPPA-permissible use cases to access our license plate data.

Can You Use Enformion to Gather Information From a License Plate Tracker?

Enformion is dedicated to providing you as much information as possible from as little information as you have. Specifically, Enformion can help you turn a license plate number into a full profile. Use the license plate tracker to turn the number into a name. From there, you can search that name on Enformion and develop a full profile on the individual, which may include contact information, which is often all-important.