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Pilot License

When you hear the word “license,” more than likely, you think of a driver’s license. Although driver’s licenses are some of the most common licenses out there, they’re not remotely the only licenses. As a matter of fact, there are many different types of licenses available that you might end up experiencing throughout your life.

One of the types of licenses is a pilot license. When you get your pilot license, it’s because you want to fly. However, what you may not know if you’re not the one applying is that pilot licenses are surprisingly more complicated than they may seem from the outside. Knowing more about a pilot license can help you understand why it’s a good idea to look them up.

What Is a Pilot License?

A pilot license, quite simply, is a license that proves you’re allowed to fly in a specific country. Every country has its own set of requirements for pilot licenses, and one license isn’t necessarily valid for another country. In the United States, pilots have to go through the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, to get testing and certification for their pilot license. Depending on the license, this may or may not allow them to fly outside the United States as well.

What Types of Pilot Licenses Are There?

There are a number of pilot licenses out there—seven, to be exact, though some will count six if they’re not including a student license. That includes these different pilot licenses:

  • Student pilot Certificate
  • Sport Pilot Certificate
  • Recreational Pilot Certificate
  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

The different licenses designate certain things. This includes the amount of practice you have at flying, the locations and times where you’re allowed to fly, the height at which you’re allowed to fly, and much more.

Why Might You Need to Look Up a Pilot License?

You might not even know why someone would have a need to look up a person’s pilot license. After all, especially if you’ve only ever really done flying in a commercial airline, you might not know much about a pilot license in the first place. These are a few of the reasons someone might want to look up an individual’s pilot license:

  • Make sure someone has their license
  • Get more information about a pilot
  • See strikes and marks on a license
  • Learn exactly what type of license someone has

As you can see, it could be very important to look up a person’s pilot license, and it could tell you a lot about an individual. No matter why someone wants to look up a pilot license, they should always do it if they think it could be helpful.

How Can Enformion Help You Find Information Past a Pilot License?

The database of pilot licenses is available publicly online for download and for search, so you can look for information on a pilot license no matter who you are. However, if you want any more information about a pilot, you’ll have to look to a third-party source like Enformion. At Enformion, you can find all sorts of information about anyone, including pilots. It’s easier to get more knowledge, which is always an important part of personal and business life.