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Property Deed

A property deed is a legal document that serves the purpose of transferring property from the grantor to the grantee. The grantor is the seller, or the party transferring the property, and the grantee is the buyer, the party claiming the property. There are several types of property deeds. Grant deeds, quit claim deeds, and warranty deeds are a few of them.

It varies by state which ones are most commonly used. For example, warranty deeds are commonly used in the midwest and the south, whereas the grant deed is most commonly used in California. It depends on the type of property deed, and your location, but to be valid, a deed generally must be properly witnessed and filed for record within your local county recorder’s office. One example of a type of deed and state law that does not have to be witnessed, or filed for record, is the grant deed in California. However, most people prefer a grant deed to be notarized and filed. Property deeds filed by the recorder’s office are public record.