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Skip Trace Agent

There are many ways to find someone. No matter where someone goes, as long as they’re still hoping to maintain a moderately normal life, they’re going to have to stay on the grid in some way. That means someone can find them as long as they have the right tools and the right knowledge to be able to use those tools.

Someone might want to disappear for a variety of reasons and, conversely, someone might want to find someone who’s skipped town for a similar number of reasons. No matter why you’re trying to find someone or why they’ve disappeared, there are ways to find them. Skip trace agents are one group of people who are masters at finding these individuals.

What Is a Skip Trace Agent?

A skip trace agent is someone who is great at locating any person of interest. They may advertise themselves as being an individual who can find someone who’s intentionally run away, or they might do it as part of their other job responsibilities. In general, a skip trace agent also has to have information about state-by-state and federal surveillance and privacy laws so they can make sure they’re not violating someone’s rights by trying to find them.

What Background Does a Skip Trace Agent Typically Have?

A skip trace agent may have a variety of backgrounds, and some skip trace agents actually don’t have a background in anything that would help them in their current line of work. However, these are all very common skip trace agent backgrounds: 

  • Law enforcement
  • Bail bondsman
  • Debt collector
  • Repossession agent

As you can see, these are all backgrounds that tend to revolve around finding people who have made a point out of being “unfindable.” Debt collectors and repossession agents, for example, both need to be able to perform skip tracing on some level, making that experience great for a skip trace agent.

How Does a Skip Trace Agent Find Individuals?

There are many steps a skip trace agent may take so that they can find individuals. When a skip trace agent takes on a case and starts working to find someone, they may use one or many of these tools to track the target down:

  • People search
  • Asking friends and family
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Law enforcement databases
  • License plate databases
  • Court records
  • Official addresses

Not all of these elements will be important for every case; for example, if a skip trace agent has reason to believe friends and family would help hide someone, they’re not going to ask friends and family to give information on where the person is. However, they’re all helpful elements that may be part of understanding a skip trace case.

How Can Enformion Help a Skip Trace Agent?

As a skip trace agent, you’ll often run into many cases where you probably won’t have a lot of information. Enformion can help you expand your information even if you only have a full name or a phone number. From there, you can start using your other tools to gather information about where someone may have fled. With the information at Enformion, there are many ways for you to track someone down, and you can use all of them.