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Skip Tracing Databases

There are a variety of reasons that you might need to gather information on someone. For example, if you’re looking for someone who owes a lot of money to a company, you’re probably going to need to gather information on that individual, especially if they’ve intentionally tried to avoid contact with the officials and tried to skip out on their obligations.

When you’re doing research on an individual, you need to make sure you have as much information as absolutely possible on that individual. Private individuals typically need to go through a variety of sources of information to make sure they’re getting a full profile on an individual. Those investigators also need to make sure the sources of information are effective enough to qualify as a skip tracing database.

What Is a Skip Tracing Database?

Very simply, a skip tracing database is a database of information that has pieces of knowledge you might need for skip tracing. Skip tracing is the process of finding someone, even if they don’t want you to find them. One of the ways you might do skip tracing is by using a skip tracing database. A skip tracing database will have a vast amount of the type of information you need to find someone, and it’s a good idea to use multiple skip tracing databases for the best results.

What Information Is in a Skip Tracing Database?

A skip tracing database can have all sorts of information; after all, even the smallest pieces of information could be the thing that eventually leads you to a specific individual. The information you find in a skip tracing database could include:

  • Contact numbers
  • Addresses
  • Vehicle information
  • Property tax documents
  • Court records

Depending on the state, the individual, and the specific case, a skip tracing database could also have significantly more information than this. An even more intense skip tracing database could include elements like criminal histories, property records, bankruptcy filing, and more.

How Can You Search a Skip Tracing Database?

If you want to gain access to the best possible skip tracing database information, you first need to find the right profile. There are often many different methods of searching a skip tracing database, so don’t feel like you can only use one. You may be able to use any of these methods:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Physical address

As you can see, even if you have a level of information that’s extremely low, as low as just a phone number the suspect never picks up, you can use that information to gather additional information about them through a skip tracing database.

What Can Enformion Do to Help You With Building a Skip Tracing Database?

Enformion itself can function as a skip tracing database; when you run a search through Enformion, you get a complete profile of individuals. It’s one of the reasons that so many people trust Enformion; you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality information while also getting a quick response and a variety of sources. You may even be able to ditch your other skip tracing databases so you can focus on results with Enformion.