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Social Media Search

Social media has become an astonishingly popular place to come together and share opinions and content. As a matter of fact, over 90% of United States adults say they use YouTube, which is one of the most prominent social media apps in the United States, and even Facebook is starting to approach complete audience saturation.

No matter what type of social media is your preference, you probably have social media accounts on a variety of different platforms. What if someone wanted to pull all of those platforms together and see where you are online all at once? One of the tools they might choose to use is the social media search option, which is a great tool to use so you can find someone.

What Is a Social Media Search?

Essentially, a social media search is when you look up a specific name and the client gives you a list of social media profiles under that specific name. Although you may be able to go through manually and check a variety of social media profiles for a specific name, a social media search makes it easy for you to aggregate all those results, entering a name and seeing results all at once across multiple social media platforms.

What Sites May a Social Media Search Receive Results From?

If you do a social media search, you’re going to get results from a number of different sites. The exact social media sites that a specific social media search uses will vary. However, it’s very likely that a social media search will cover some or all of these:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Tinder

Additionally, social media sites rise and fall over time—who could forget the success of sites like Vine and MySpace, which no longer have very many users or any users at all? On-trend social media searches will update their code to include these new social media sites whenever they change.

Why Might Someone Use a Social Media Search?

When you’re using a social media search, it’s obviously going to be so you can find someone online. However, the exact reasons to find an individual online vary dramatically. For example, you may be looking for any of these reasons:

  • Looking for general information on a person
  • Trying to track someone down
  • Looking for evidence in a case
  • Trying to get confirmation of something
  • Looking into a potential employee

As you can see, these reasons vary dramatically—everything from looking into a legal case to attempting to skip trace an individual. The only way you can see how a social media search may help you is to actually use a social media search.

How Can Enformion Help You Do a Social Media Search More Easily?

With Enformion, it’s possible to do your social media search a little more easily. Enformion has many built-in tools to help you identify potential social media profiles and search them out. However, one of the unique benefits of Enformion is that with Enformion, you can use a social media search at any point in your process. That includes a social media search all by itself, one near the end of your investigation, or one that really kick-starts the investigation process.