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Social Security Number Search

There are plenty of pieces of information that people try to keep as secret as possible. Whether it’s your credit card information, your bank account details, or your tax numbers, there are some things that you just don’t want to give out to anyone. One of those most secret pieces of information is your Social Security Number.

Every Social Security Number is unique. Even when you die, you keep your Social Security Number; the Social Security Administration never reuses old numbers, even after their owners have died. That means if someone does have your Social Security Number, they may be able to use a Social Security Number search to get more information about you.

What Is a Social Security Number Search?

Essentially, because a Social Security Number is one of the main identifying numbers that can tie you to just about everything you ever do, they’ve also become a popular way to complete transactions and gather background information on you as a person. With a Social Security Number, whether someone has received it legally or illegally, it’s possible for them to gather a huge variety of information about you.

What Information Can a Social Security Number Search Provide?

Because the government typically uses your Social Security Number to keep track of you everywhere, considering it’s a unique nine-digit number that no one else has, you can find a lot of information with your Social Security Number. Here are a few things a Social Security Number search may be able to provide:

  • Credit records
  • Cell phone contracts
  • Property records
  • Criminal histories
  • Court cases
  • Current addresses
  • Contact information

As you can see, it’s a lot of information, ranging from past criminal histories to current contact information and even property records. When someone runs a Social Security Number search, they’re almost certainly going to run into some information that they may not have right now.

What Are Some Reasons for Running a Social Security Number Search?

It’s typically only a good idea to run a Social Security Number search if you legally have someone’s Social Security Number and you’re using it in a way you’re positive is fully legal. It may include any of these reasons:

  • Complete a background check
  • Pinpoint someone’s last known location
  • Check to verify someone’s identity
  • Complete sensitive transactions

These could all be great reasons to do a Social Security Number search. However, the line between properly using a Social Security Number search and misusing one isn’t very significant. Make sure you’re up to date on all current legal requirements so you’re not illegally doing a Social Security Number search.

How Can Enformion Help Me Do a Social Security Number Search?

A Social Security Number search is a good way to get more information when you use it in an appropriate manner. With all the available public records available when it comes to most people, it could surprise you how easily you could find more about the individual you’re looking for. Use Enformion to gather information with a Social Security Number search or to get other information once you’ve already used a Social Security Number search somewhere else.