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Enformion equips civilian, government, and armed forces professionals with the tools and datasets they need to identify, locate, and investigate individuals and businesses quickly.

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How Government Agencies Can Benefit from Enformion’s Services

Enformion offers services to federal, state, and local government entities. We provide pre-configured solutions for several vertical markets, as well as a customizable approach for unique requirements.

We combine person, business, asset, liability, court, criminal, civil, and social media information to render a comprehensive profile of the subject or company of interest.

Enformion Fraud and Case Investigations (EFCI)

Government agencies can spend an inordinate amount of time investigating matters of fraud, identity theft, civil offenses and other criminal behavior, both internally (agency employees and vendors) and externally (constituents). Enformion can help to streamline such investigative processes to make programs run more smoothly and better achieve the actual purposes for which they are intended.

We offer three select EFCI packages to collect the data needed for specific governmental tasks:

Enformion for Justice (EFJ)

  • Investigation into criminal behavior
  • Locate witnesses and experts

Enformion for Justice provides government agencies with quick access to the data they need to investigate and identify criminal behavior.

Enformion for Civil Enforcement (ECE)

  • Stop entitlement program abuses
  • Detection of white-collar crimes

The Enformion for Civil Enforcement suite supports pretrial discovery investigations for a range of civil enforcement regulation requirements.

Enformion for Credentialing (EFC)

  • Mitigate identity theft and fraud
  • Instant identity verification

Enformion for Credentialing gives government agencies the tools they need to efficiently verify an individuals’ identity and risk indicators before making a final decision on credential issuance for guest access to public buildings and installations or prison inmates visitor passes.

Enformion for Contact Tracing (ECT)

  • Enables Public Health Workers to Quickly Trace and Contact Individuals that May have Been Infected by an Infectious Disease such as COVID-19.
  • Cloud-Enabled with Immediate Provisioning

Enformion for Contact Tracing gives government health agencies the tools they need to efficiently mitigate the spread of contagious diseases by identifying, contacting, and diagnosing others associated with the patient that contracted the contagious disease.

Creating the Services You Need

Not every department needs all the same security services. Depending on how much information you handle, which types of information you handle, and your existing security protocols, you may need more or fewer security services than other government departments. You need to be able to describe your security concerns and build a system with Enformion that can address those concerns adequately.

  • Customizability makes for a better solution overall, because your department needs specific services to maximize its capabilities.
  • You want a solution that gives you access to whatever you need while cutting out whatever you don’t.
  • When you sign up for Enformion, you have the opportunity to get in contact with Data Solution Experts to receive recommendations tailored to ease many of the struggles that the public sector tends to deal with.

Investigating With the Best Tools in the Industry

Government agencies need the best possible tools to address problems both inside and outside their individual departments. It’s not enough to just have security tools. You need security tools that are up for whatever jobs you have. Enformion’s strong tools will help you build strong security features, which is what the general public expects from you.

  • You need to look through the best sources in the industry every time you go to look for someone’s information.
  • Using the most high-quality tools will give you access to the information you need to make tough decisions.
  • Enformion retains information from over 6,000 sources, offering up over 42 billion records that encompass nearly every adult in the United States.

Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing Red Tape

Any time you’re dealing with a massive amount of information like the information to which Enformion gives you access, you have to worry about red tape. As a bureaucratic structure, you’re going to run into a little bit of red tape to make sure no one gains access to information they shouldn’t have. You want to use Enformion to reduce it so you can serve everyone properly, from your employees to the people utilizing your services.

  • When you streamline your governmental processes, it means you’ll be able to serve people more efficiently.
  • However, you also need to take the necessary precautions to keep your services safe.
  • Enformion’s risk mitigation services aren’t just for companies; they work just as well for governmental organizations, and taking advantage of those services will lead to better efficiency within your department.

Keeping Sensitive Information Private

Of course, the government deals with a lot of sensitive information. The government has access to much of the information that individuals keep private: their Social Security Numbers, voter information and financial information, among others. You need Enformion’s strong security options because the people who use your department trust you with that information.

  • Government agencies deal with a lot of sensitive information, which makes security absolutely vital.
  • Regardless of your current security features, it’s never a bad thing to increase security when dealing with this amount of sensitive information.
  • Enformion will help you create new security measures, like identity verification features, which will make sure you provide thoughtful access to sensitive information.

Personalizing Your Agency and Your Options

If you’re able to create an agency that works more effectively and more efficiently than any of the other agencies in your department, people will take notice. Not only will citizens and residents take notice, but so will other people in your department. That’s great for your position and for the people you serve. Personalizing the way you run your agency with Enformion will do just that.

  • Your agency needs to take advantage of the best information and the best tools.
  • Personalization is important in an aesthetic sense, but it also has tangible effects on your agency’s efficiency.
  • Enformion’s tools are easy to use and make sense, drawing on information that will help you function more effectively.



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Public Sector FAQs

Is Enformion really a good option for the government?

Absolutely. We have decades of experience in the big data industry. That experience, as well as our wealth of public data, makes us uniquely positioned for being able to offer fast, accurate data solutions for governmental purposes.

At what government levels can Enformion help?

All levels, really. Our solutions can be scaled as needed to serve federal government, and state and local government.

What’s the best way for a government agency to engage Enformion?

You can contact one of our Government Data Solutions Specialists directly. Or you can engage our services via government contract services.

What other industries does Enformion serve?

Apart from the public sector, Enformion’s data solutions can be used for any private corporation or individual professional. Our services have been used by professions including private investigators, law enforcement, financial services, collections, non-profts, health care, and more.

Talk with a specialist today to learn how Enformion can help to customize a solution that’s right for you.

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