U.S. Army Reserves Case Study


The following case study shows how Enformion for Civil Enforcement (ECE) helped the U.S. Army Reserves with Locator Data Services.


The U.S. Army Reserves came to Enformion after less-than-satisfactory results and support from a leading competitor. The U.S. Army Reserves was in need of a platform for extensive Locator Data Services, including meeting quotas for recently-departed soldiers to retain in the Army Reserves and maintaining contact with the remaining soldiers for emergency recall situations, such as wartime.

Goal: to provide Locator Data Services with increased accuracy and on-demand batch file processing capabilities.

The Enformion Solution

Enformion proposed the Enformion for Civil Enforcement (ECE) product to meet the Army Reserves' needs. ECE includes features and data content to meet all of the Army Reserves' use case requirements, while also including Enformion’s on-demand batch file services.

With our solution, the U.S. Army Reserves was able to achieve the following results:

  • 97% accuracy
  • 120 seat licenses
  • 1.2 million location records/year
  • 30,000 unique SSN's/month


Enformion for Civil Enforcement

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Case Study

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Enformion Locator Services directly impact, on average, 80% of our successful locations of individuals. Also, Enformion provides us with monthly mass data pulls that average 30,000 unique entries that are then transferred into our system for direct use. Enformion is responsive to our needs with near round the clock communication. They also take input from my organization and make regular changes to better facilitate our needs. No previous contractor has been so customer service driven.

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