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Businesses applying for participation in the WIC program must be thoroughly vetted. Enformion enables vendor operations teams to streamline the process. 

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Enformion for Civil Enforcement – (ECE) serves a vital role for SNAP and WIC Vendor Operations teams.

WIC Vendor Operations teams manage 1000s of vendors within their state, translating in many new applications every week as businesses fail and are replaced by others. Confusion can develop when a new grocer returns a recently failed business at the same commercial address. Enformion helps clear the fog for improved vendor management.

Get information about applicant businesses

What could easily take hours to complete using search engines, Enformion can complete in seconds. An investigator for WIC Programs can search Enformion’s databases for the applicant’s business using the company name, address, phone number, EIN, or an owner’s name or Social Security Number. Find data about the business, complete with corporate filing information, registered agents, and hyperlinks to the individuals’ comprehensive profiles.

See related businesses

Within a few minutes, the investigator can retrieve comprehensive reports for the applicant business, as well as all associated individuals. When reviewing the applicant’s comprehensive report, the investigator may see several other businesses–some of which may have been closed for years, while others are still in operation at different locations. None of these will show up on their application.

Grocers applying for the authorization to serve WIC Programs and SNAP beneficiaries must meet many mandated requirements, as defined by the Federal Government. SNAP and WIC Vendor Operations teams in each state review the applications, investigate the applicants and adjudicate the requests.

Enformion’s nationwide corporate and fictitious business name databases will readily verify the applicant’s business license. Our national real estate county clerk and assessor records will also verify the operation’s fixed location.

To determine if an FNS program has previously debarred the applicant, Enformion will discover and provide other businesses the applicant is associated with – past and present. The system will also offer known family and associates, and their past and present business relationships, as well as criminal records for the individuals of interest.

Assess associates and partners

Hyperlinks to these other records may be provided, which the investigator can access to quickly sees the details of those entities–and other involved business associates. A quick scan of civil dockets can confirm whether or not the applicant or any other associated businesses are the subjects of any recent litigation.

Verify business complaints

See if there have been any serious and/or consistent issues with a company by checking its reviews. Enformion’s social media search can help. Search by the company’s phone number, name, or address to try and find consumer reviews of the establishment on social media.

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