Enformion for Credentialing

Available Through Enformion for Fraud and Case Investigations:

The Enformion for Credentialing data package was developed to help government agencies thoroughly vet individuals and prove their eligibility for credentials.

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Enformion for Credentialing

While all government agencies need thorough, reliable data, they don’t always need the same data. Enformion for Fraud and Case Investigations (EFCI) was created to provide different government agencies with the specific data they need for each one’s unique tasks. This is done via the curation of several customized data packages.

Credentialing gives government agencies the specialized data they need to accurately verify individuals’ identities and risk indicators. Enformion for Credentialing is one of those specialized packages that helps agencies with the data they need  before making a final decision on issuing credentials.

Who Needs Enformion for Credentialing?

If you are in charge of assigning people credentials, you need to have thorough and accurate identity verification data. Given the sensitive information that likely exists, especially on dedicated government websites, you may need to know:

  • The user’s verified identity
  • The user’s security level
  • The information and areas that he or she may or may not be authorized to access
  • Any risk indicators that may compromise the security of your agency’s information

It is just that kind of data that Enformion for Credentialing is able to provide. Enformion for Credentialing is designed to help agencies better manage the credentialing vetting process for logical as well as physical access to:

  • Secure websites
  • Secure military installations and assets
  • Secure government facilities, i.e. courthouses, prisons, laboratories, testing centers etc.
  • Airports and other ports of entry
  • First responders’ installations and assets
  • Other secure sites

What Will Enformion for Credentialing Help You to Do Better, and What is Included?

Enformion for Credentialing can make your credentialing investigation move faster, and with accurate data you can trust. Our data will help to expedite the verification process, as well as ensure authorized individuals’ expedient access to secured sites. 

With Enformion for Credentialing, you get access to Enformion’s comprehensive Premium People Search, as well as specialized Identity Verification and risk indicator data, including: 

  • SSN verifier data
  • Current location/address data
  • DOB and death records
  • Current phone numbers (mobile, landline, or VoIP) and email addresses
  • Aliases/AKAs
  • Real property and assets records
  • Bankruptcies, liens, judgments
  • Foreclosures and evictions
  • Nationwide criminal records

Product delivery will be primarily via Enformion’s Web Search, but Batch Processing and API services are also available for customized data bundles. The Enformion for Credentialing package can be customized with a variety of upgrades (all with the potential for a bundle discount), including:

  • Enformion web portal upgrades
  • Additional database connection
  • Multi-packs of on-site services or social media reports

How Do You Get Enformion for Credentialing?

Enformion for Credentialing, and other EFCI data packages, are available through our various government contract options.

Or speak with one of our Data Solution Experts for the Government to see how we can customize a solution that’s right for you: [email protected]

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Collections and Recovery FAQs

How can Enformion help with the collections process?

Enformion helps those in collections by aggregating a debtor’s current and past contact data, plus likely business and personal connections. The former helps to improve right party contact rates, while the latter can help throw a wider net around a person who may not want to be located. Apart from our data, our variety of data delivery options ensures you can get the data you need how and when you need it.

Do I have to be part of a collections agency to employ Enformion’s services?

No. We do work with larger collections agencies, but we also have plenty of options available for individuals in the industry. You can contact one of our Collections Data Specialists to discuss, or just Sign Up online.

I don’t need to see a person’s entire data history. Is there any way to only see a person’s current contact info?

One of our custom data solutions is what we call Premium People Search Lite. As a pared-down version of our Premium People Search web search, this Lite version displays only a person’s most current and accurate contact information.

Can Enformion data help me figure out the probability of recovery with a person?

We can interpret certain data we have about someone to see if there are any risk indicators that would lower a person’s chance of being able to pay, such as liens, foreclosures, and so on. To that same end, we can do bankruptcy and death records scrubs on lists of contacts, so you don’t waste your time on people from whom you cannot collect.

Talk with a specialist today to learn how Enformion can help to customize a solution that’s right for you.

Call us at 1-855-281-3915, or via online today.