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Enformion’s data solutions and analytics for the US federal government drive fact-based decision making, leading to better results.

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We give the US Federal Government an informational advantage.

Services for the federal government include:

  • Continuous vetting/monitoring
  • Social media account tracking
  • Applicant background adjudication
  • Public records archival and retrieval services
  • Identity verification
  • Asset locator
  • Fraud detection and analysis
  • License and permit application screening
  • Skip trace and person-locator data
  • Commercial data subscription and third-party application integration
  • Investigative case management and support services
  • Constituent and beneficiary contact records
  • Preliminary and personal background investigation
  • Database enrichment

Data solutions for US government agencies

Enformion is a leading aggregator of both commercial data and public records. Leveraging more than 42 billion public records, we are able to offer next-generation data solutions via a web-based research application, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) data exchange, and application program interface (API) third-party application integration. Agencies can choose whatever option works best for them to receive the data they need, within fixed time and budgetary constraints.

Enformion’s data solutions are customizable to meet the stringent and changing demands of federal government agencies. Whether through API integration, online search, batch solutions, or other comprehensive reports, Enformion will design a personalized plan of investigative tools and pricing to give your agency the results it needs to stay within proximal pricing options, as well as maximize efficiency.

The Enformion records database includes (but is not limited to):

  • Social media account information and footprints
  • Mobile and landline phone records
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Lien and judgment records
  • Current address records
  • Address history, up to 40 years
  • Property records
  • Foreclosure and eviction records
  • Criminal records
  • Deceased records
  • Business records
  • Place of employment records

Web-Enabled Person Locator Services

Enformion aggregates content from over 6,000 sources to ensure that we are the market leader for quickly locating a person for skip-tracing, criminal investigations, witness location, military recruitment, or other government functions.
Enformion combines person, business, asset, debt, public record, and social media data sources to create comprehensive profiles that span decades – typically some 40 years.

Contact Tracing

Enformion Contact Tracing is a pre-configured package offered within the EFCI suite of applications. Enformion Contact Tracing provides an immediate starting point for public health and disaster relief workers to quickly identify a subject individual’s network of family, friends, neighbors, and work associates. Supporting in-office researchers and field workers alike, our platform is compatible with all major desktop web browsers and mobile devices.

Tax and Revenue Agencies

The growing conversation in the nation’s revenue agencies is the discussion of using social media and other open source data sources when evaluating tax returns for individuals and businesses.

How many followers does the food truck business have? Are they talking about how many sales they have had or the line around the block? Does the business owner appear to have a lifestyle that is inconsistent with their reported level of income?

Next-of-Kin and Disaster Preparedness

Enformion’s breadth and depth of personal and business histories make it an ideal platform for post-disaster recovery operations.

Whether the requirement is to reunify the remains of past conflict war casualties, or to identify the owners of what remains of a structure after a disaster, Enformion’s online platform will exceed expectations.

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