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Whether on a local or national level, health and human services departments handle a lot of very sensitive information. See how Enformion can help organize and manage such extensive data.

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Public Health Surveillance Augmentation

Infection Contact Tracing

Enformion Contact Tracing is a pre-configured package offered within the EFCI suite of applications and provides an off-the-shelf research solution for public health officials.

In addition to patient interviews conducted by the researcher, Enformion provides family, neighbors, and work associates of the subject individual, with current contact information for each. Instead of hours per case, reduce the research effort to a few minutes.
Enformion’s customized solutions can provide a fully outsourced contact tracing capability, contact us for details.

Public Healthcare Program Operations Support

Healthcare Provider Enrollment Support

Enformion’s investigative tool suite approaches the investigation of an applicant provider’s suitability for admittance to publicly funded programs like Medicaid. Has the provider previously operated in another state? Is the provider’s business entity a stable business concern with adequate resources? Does the provider have sufficient liquidity to continue working if reimbursements slow?

Public Health Program Integrity

Ineligible and Deceased Beneficiary Audits

Enformion provides automated batch processing of beneficiary rosters, appending date and place of death, and evidence of ineligibility, such as residing in another state, to output files customer pickup and processing.

Healthcare Provider Fraud Prevention

To combat fraudulent activities by providers, we have created the Enformion for Civil Enforcement software suite.

Lowering Employees’ Workloads with Automation

Even if you offer streamlined online solutions, it’s not going to eliminate your employees’ workloads. Enformion can help.

When you can reduce manual search time, you’ll be able to get more information at the speed you need.

  • Enformion’s options, such as batch processing, deliver fast, accurate results for full lists of individuals.

Customizing Your Solutions

Needs vary. Enformion’s pre-configured solutions and product bundles can be customized to meet small and large volume requirements. Enformion puts you in charge of the delivery plan.

  • Pre-negotiated government contracts are available

Reducing Fraud in Healthcare

Enformion created the Enformion for Civil Enforcement software suite investigating healthcare provider fraud.
Enformion for Civil Enforcement is a specialized data package offered through Enformion Fraud and Case Investigations (EFCI). EFCI has been customized to support the needs of government social services and entitlement agencies that are actively trying to mitigate against fraud, waste, and abuse under their benefits programs’ eligibility.



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