Enformion for Contact Tracing

When someone contracts a contagious disease, health agencies can help to mitigate its spread by identifying, contacting, and diagnosing others associated with the patient.

How Enformion Assists Public Health Agencies with Contact Tracing

Enformion Contact Tracing is a pre-configured package offered within the EFCI suite of applications. Enformion Contact Tracing provides an immediate starting point for public health and disaster relief workers to quickly identify a subject individual’s network of family, friends, neighbors, and work associates.

With support for in-office researchers and field workers alike, our platform is compatible with all major desktop web browsers and mobile devices.

Who needs Enformion's Contact Tracing solutions?

Quarantine. When a victim presents with a highly contagious disease, such as COVID-19, public health workers must act quickly to identify the other individuals with whom the subject has been in recent contact. Friends and family members in the local area, and neighbors in the same multi-family address are great places to start.

Next, after locating possible contacts, you will want to immediately reach out to those affiliated individuals and identify any that require testing. Enformion combines personal relationship information with our skip-tracing contact data to immediately reach those potentially affected individuals.

What Enformion Contact Tracing will improve

Robust tools are needed to quickly identify and isolate individuals that may pose a real (albeit temporary) threat to the public. Until a vaccine is available to the bulk of the population, on-going isolation and quarantine measures will be needed.

  • Premium Person Search
  • SSN Search and Verifier
  • Real Property Asset Records
  • Comprehensive Person Reporting
  • List of Known Relatives and Associates
  • Dates of Birth
  • Workplace Records
  • National Wants and Warrants
  • Sex Offender Records

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