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Health information is some of the most sensitive information people have. During a health investigation, use Enformion to share that information quickly and securely.

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How Enformion Can Help with Data Sharing for Health Investigations

One of the most complicated things to deal with when your agency handles health information is the intricacies of data sharing. Because health information is so sensitive, you have to be very careful with how you share it. If you share it in the wrong way or with the wrong person, your agency can face heavy fines, damage to your public reputation, and internal consequences.

However, when you’re handling an investigation, you need to share that data somehow. Here’s how Enformion’s tools can help your agency handle the problems associated with health investigation data sharing.

Maintaining Compliance with Security Requirements

You may have all sorts of security requirements associated with sharing health data. These might be federal guidelines (like compliance with HIPAA) or internal guidelines (the various policies that structure your agency). Either way, Enformion can help you take these requirements into account and keep them in mind during your investigation.

  • It’s important to share health data in the most secure way possible.
  • Health data is some of the most sensitive information that individuals possess, so you need to do everything in your power to keep it safe.
  • Enformion can provide your agency with over 42 billion public records, sourced from over 6,000 locations. So you can check nearly any adult in the United States to make sure you’re sharing information only with the people who should have it.

Keeping the Most Sensitive Information Safe

Overall, health information is very sensitive. People don’t want their private health information out in the open. That’s why everyone who deals with that information, from health care providers to government agencies, has to maintain strict security standards. Even outside of legal compliance, you should have the drive to keep that personal information safe.

  • You may need to share extremely sensitive information, potentially as sensitive as Social Security Numbers, to facilitate your investigation.
  • Although this is an important part of running an investigation, you still need to maintain strong security protocols.
  • With Enformion’s risk mitigation tools, you can feel confident transmitting extremely sensitive information.

Only Allowing Access to People Who Should Have It

In an investigation, certain individuals may need to have access to information to which they don’t usually have access. For example, you may have an external investigator come in who typically doesn’t have access to your servers. When you allow Enformion to enhance your security standards, you can help them do their job more easily.

  • When you have to share information because of an investigation, you know who you have to share that information with.
  • It’s important you make sure you’re sharing it with that actual individual, not someone pretending to be that individual for fraudulent reasons.
  • Enformion’s identity verification tools will help you do that every time you perform an investigation.

Using Automated Options to Cut Down on Manual Requirements

Batch processing with Enformion gives you the tools you need to run through your lists of employees, outside influences, and the people you serve. It’s a great first step that will help you reduce fraud overall. The thing is, when you’re running a manual health investigation, you’re probably not dealing with a huge number of people. Enformion can also help you look into one specific person or a handful of people.

  • If you’re planning on opening a manual investigation, you can still use automated services to make it easier.
  • Automation can help your investigation go more smoothly, giving you the ability to perform more in a shorter amount of time.
  • You don’t need to try and find all the information you’re looking for on your own; Enformion’s tools can help you do it more effectively.

Knowing About Fraud Before It Happens

No one wants to do any more manual investigations than necessary. Manual investigations take up a lot of time and effort, and they may happen due to fraud, which can cause irreparable damage. Instead, you want to learn about fraud in your agency before it happens. Enformion can help you identify and keep an eye on any risky individuals.

  • If you can discover fraud before it happens, you can work to avoid the consequences that would otherwise arise from fraud.
  • When you’re handling health investigation data sharing, even a single data breach can have serious consequences, so discovering fraud early is essential.
  • Your department can benefit from automated tools like Enformion’s continuous monitoring, which will help you understand if someone’s behavior has made them a risk.


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