Health Program Integrity with Enformion


Maintaining the integrity of your government health program is key to letting people rely on it. Find out how Enformion can help ensure your program is operating honestly.

Health Program Integrity

Health program integrity ensures that state-sponsored health care actually supports the people it’s trying to support, largely by discovering and stopping provider fraud. Enformion will help you increase your health program integrity services by giving your department these benefits.

Increase internal & external efficiency
Understand the people you’re serving
Create options tailored to your needs
Reduce busy work for a better program

Increase internal & external efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important components of creating a department focused on health program integrity. Our tools and solutions ensure you’re not wasting resources while discerning if a health care provider is wasting resources.

Understand the people you're serving

Our data and tools such as Know Your Customer, will help you understand more about the people in your system, so you can understand the system itself.

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Create options tailored to your needs

Enformion offers a customizable platform, with options tailored to your program’s specific needs.

  • Batch
  • API
  • Cloud-based platform

Reduce busy work for a better program

Health program integrity ensures that everyone gets a fair chance with health services by reducing fraud from providers and patients. As a department that enforces health program integrity, you have an incredibly important job, and Enformion’s tools help you do it.

Empower your team with flexible solutions

Batch Processing

Update large amounts of data quickly and easily with our batch appending option.

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Enformion API

Our API solutions allow you to integrate software systems for in-depth searches and display custom results using your own existing applications. 

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Cloud-based Platform

Enformion’s cloud-based platform provides easy and convenient access to data, whenever you need it.

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