Public Assistance Fraud Prevention with Enformion

Public assistance is a useful service, but it is also often targeted for fraud. See how Enformion can help your department to unearth and avoid fraud.

Public Assistance Fraud Prevention

Although rates of public assistance fraud are relatively low, the resource allocations the programs receive are a target for criminal activity, depriving others of assistance. Enformion’s services for assisting agencies in preventing public assistance program fraud focuses on beneficiary eligibility and retail vendor suitability for programs such as SNAP and WIC.

Non-resident beneficiaries
Dual participation
Deceased and non-existent beneficiaries
Understand why fraud happens

Nonresident beneficiaries

Our cloud-based platform can interactively investigate small numbers of claims while our API gateway and batch file services can securely process thousands or millions of records in bulk.

Once targets are identified, we provide the resources necessary to identify any relationships between the applicant and the occupants of the in-state address used.

Dual participation

Whether a beneficiary applies for duplication benefits accidentally or fraudulently, the resulting dual participation creates an undue burden to taxpayers. Our research application and automated batch processing capability provide a turnkey solution for health agency leadership to quickly mitigate this growing problem.

Deceased and nonexistent beneficiaries

Most states make minimal effort to discover and remove deceased and nonexistent beneficiaries from social program rosters and the wasteful cost to taxpayers can be enormous. Our identity verification and management tools, combined with deceased audit services, assist government agencies with reducing both of these risks.

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Understand why fraud happens

Our risk mitigation tools can help you understand and identify fraud before it even happens, reducing fraud overall. Enformion’s data alerts option will monitor your approved vendor population for adverse changes in their profile, such as a new criminal arrest and conviction, disqualifying their continued participation.

Verify identities more easily

Maintain more accurate lists of program beneficiaries. Enformion’s Batch File Exchange services securely provide updated address and telephone information on an interval convenient to the customer.

Enformion’s API incorporation for third-party web-enabled applications can pre-fill information otherwise needed from an applicant, reducing the effort to review and confirm the information pre-completed.

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Batch Processing

Update large amounts of data quickly and easily with our batch appending option.

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Enformion API

Our API solutions allow you to integrate software systems for in-depth searches and display custom results using your own existing applications. 

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Cloud-based Platform

Enformion’s cloud-based platform provides easy and convenient access to data, whenever you need it.

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