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Enformion for Unemployment Insurance

To run more smoothly and effectively, unemployment insurance programs can benefit from better fraud detection measures, enhanced security, and advanced data analytics available through Enformion.

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How Enformion Can Help to Streamline Unemployment Insurance Processes

Enformion’s identity management and web investigative platform services improve workflow and outcomes for the unemployment insurance agencies.

Our API and batch file processing services verify a Social Security Numbers, names, addresses, and dates of birth.

These capabilities can reduce workloads for caseworkers by pre-filling applicant information. And they prevent applicant dual participation fraud by detecting any alternative addresses outside of the current state’s boundaries.

Unemployment Insurance Fraud Prevention

Relationships Among Actors

Employing a family member is certainly not illegal, but it does represent a risk for an unemployment insurance analyst to consider. Enformion’s investigative web application provides friends and family members and business affiliations for each subject profile.

Dual Participation

Beneficiaries that are financially struggling may relocate in search of better opportunities. But they may also, unsurprisingly, apply for additional benefits in their new state of residence.

The resulting dual participation creates an undue burden on taxpayers, whether the duplication is unintentional, or a fraudulent effort to obtain additional benefits.

Whatever the applicant’s intention, Enformion’s research application, and automated batch processing capability provide a Day One/turnkey solution to quickly identify applicants that may be applying for benefits in more than one state.

Investigative Resources

The Enformion for Justice (EFJ) suite provides robust investigative capabilities and services for the investigative team of peace officers.

Whether the case investigations are conducted internally or via external licensed investigators using a separate services contract, Enformion provides centralized account management capabilities enabling agency oversight of usage and practices by investigators.

Preventing Improper Payments

With unprecedented new government spending and economic challenges on the horizon, history may repeat itself, and Improper Payments will again be on the rise.

  • Verify applicant addresses
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Telephone Number Reverse Lookups

Better Manual Reviews

Even with the best of automation, a human eye is often required. Screening millions of claims means there are more suspects to review. Enformion provides a solution to this problem too.

Enformion for Civil Enforcement (ECE) provides a fast and easy-to-use application to quickly find and review backgrounds, associations, and business information.

Take the Show on the Road

Enformion’s web investigative products are fully compatible with mobile devices.



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