Enformion for Justice


The Enformion for Justice package features the curated data that those in government agencies need to either prevent crime or investigate criminal matters.

Enformion for Justice

Enformion for Justice has been created to offer government agencies the quick access to the data they need, in order to investigate and identify criminal behavior, and then proceed accordingly to ensure their agency’s security and good reputation.

Who needs Enformion for Justice?

At the federal, state, county or local levels, the ability for agencies to quickly access data, locate witnesses, and gather essential evidence in the course of investigative operations can be critical. In instances where national security is a factor, the stakes are even higher. Therefore good data—and fast data—are absolutely imperative.

The software, tools, and data bundled together in the Enformion for Justice package can benefit officials in:

  • Departments of Justice
  • Law enforcement
  • State prosecution
  • Tax courts
  • Public Safety offices
  • Emergency management
  • Correctional institutions
  • Armed Services
  • Homeland Security

What can Enformion for Justice help you do better?

If you are tasked with investigative duties in your government agency, our Justice data can help you determine a person’s criminal background by identifying his/her contact information, last known residence, personal relationships, business entanglements, tangible assets, and contextual information found via social media search and data retrieval.

This data provides detailed, as well as contextual information, about criminal behavior in a way that allows those conducting investigations to more easily and accurately:

  • Mitigate against criminal behavior
  • Perform due diligence
  • Identify risk factors, such as bankruptcies, liens, etc.
  • Identify assets
  • Locate witnesses and experts

What's included in the Enformion for Justice package?

You get access to Enformion’s comprehensive Premium People Search, as well as the following specialized data to identify risk factors:

  • Witness and “person of interest” locator data
  • Current address
  • Phone numbers (mobile, landline, or VoIP)
  • Email addresses
  • Aliases/AKAs
  • Workplace/employment data
  • Property ownership and records
  • Professional licenses and business records
  • “Unbanked” subprime data searches
  • Bankruptcies, liens, judgments
  • Foreclosures and evictions
  • Nationwide criminal records
  • Social media search and reporting packs
  • Real-time arrest and incarceration alerts
  • UCC filings and liens

Customizable delivery

Product delivery will be primarily via our cloud-based platform, but Batch Processing and API services are also available for customized data bundles. This package can be customized with a variety of upgrades (all with the potential for a bundle discount), including:

  • Enformion web portal upgrades
  • Additional database connection
  • Multi-packs of on-site services or social media reports

How do you get Enformion for Justice?

Enformion for Justice, and other EFCI data packages, are available through our various government contract options.

Or speak with one of our Data Solution Experts for the Government to see how we can customize a solution that’s right for you: [email protected]

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