State and Local Government Solutions with Enformion

State and local governments handle a lot of different tasks to meet the needs of their constituents. See how Enformion’s tools and data can make those tasks a little easier.

What can Enformion do for State and Local Governments?

Our cloud-delivered software applications and data solutions provide city, county, and state agencies the information, resources, and intelligence to investigate crimes, prevent fraudulent claims for public services, assist tax authorities, enforce regulations, and protect the public.

Our data and services are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of state and local government agencies of all types and sizes. The following are just a few examples of the kinds of programs and processes that we can help to make more efficient and streamlined.

State and Local Government Markets We Serve:

  • Child support enforcement
  • Law enforcement
  • Civil enforcement
  • Delinquent tax collection
  • Court fees and restitution collection
  • WIC vendor operations management
  • Healthcare provider claims fraud prevention
  • Cannabis application adjudication
  • Alcoholic beverage investigation and enforcement
  • Public health contact tracing for quarantine and isolation
  • Deceased-person audit of public beneficiary lists

Data to enhance a variety of tasks:

  • Social media tracing
  • Person background investigation
  • Public records search
  • Identity verification
  • Skip trace and person locator
  • Pre-trial discovery
  • Witness locator
  • Screen businesses for suitability to dispense or access social services programs like SNAP, WIC, and government lending
  • Asset locator
  • Political appointment background adjudication
  • Screen guests for access to public buildings or inmate visitation
  • Voter registration deceased, address, and telephone number audit

Solutions for State and Local Governments

What Our Data Includes

  • Social media account information and footprints
  • Mobile and landline phone records
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Lien and judgment records
  • Current phone and address records
  • Phone and address history, up to 40 years
  • Property records – tenancy and ownership
  • Foreclosure and eviction records
  • Arrest, incarceration, and criminal conviction records
  • Deceased records
  • Business records
  • Place of employment records

…We have used [Big Data Provider 1] and [Big Data Provider 2] in the past. Enformion not only has a better product, but your customer service is outstanding. Thanks again!

Public Sector Customer

Enformion has created a product that makes my job as a Security Operations executive easier and safer. Enformion’s customer service is unparalleled and they truly work you for a custom solution that sets you up for success.

John C.

Security Operations Executive

Enformion Locator Services directly impact, on average, 80% of our successful locations of individuals. Also, Enformion provides us with monthly mass data pulls that average 30,000 unique entries that are then transferred into our system for direct use. Enformion is responsive to our needs with near round the clock communication. They also take input from my organization and make regular changes to better facilitate our needs. No previous contractor has been so customer service-driven.

Public Sector Customer

On an everyday basis, Enformion has created a product for every investigator to use with ease…the customer service at Enformion has truly been an outstanding experience and mirrors exactly what should be received from a company that values its customers…

Greg G

Private Investigator

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