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Tax and revenue departments have to sort through a lot of complicated information to discover fraud. With Enformion, such complex data becomes much easier to interpret.

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How Enformion Can Help Tax & Revenue Services

The growing conversation in the nation’s revenue agencies is the discussion of using social media and other open-source data sources when evaluating tax returns for individuals and businesses. Analyzing social media can reveal truths about a business’s earnings that they may not be so forthcoming about on their tax returns.

Enformion can help civil enforcement agencies like Tax & Revenue with our specialty Enformion for Civil Enforcement solution (especially when combined with our Social Media Search and Reporting package). It was explicitly designed with the features and databases to execute the regulatory mission, quickly and efficiently, from a single interface.   


Audit and Security Capabilities

Enformion’s web platform features self-administrative capabilities for our customers. The security-designated administrative roles can audit the activities of end users within the agency customer’s account. User logins can be disabled, reassigned, conduct password resets, and other normal day-to-day support tasks without assistance from Enformion support, maintaining taxpayer privacy.

Tax Enforcement Case Selection

Determining which cases to pursue is a critical decision that will influence tax enforcement outcomes. Enformion’s person and business histories reveal real estate transfers and transaction prices, vehicle registrations, aircraft ownership, boats, and other evidence of affluence that exceeds the individual’s reported income. Social media reporting can reveal photos of the individual’s activities on a daily basis.

Selecting and pursuing individuals that are intentionally misleading tax authorities, and have the assets to make amends can lead to sound revenue recovery outcomes.

Tax Compliance

Cash-based businesses are notoriously difficult to analyze for tax compliance. Enformion for Civil Enforcement can add another tool to the tax agent’s tool belt, Social Media Search and Reporting. How many followers does the food truck business have? Are they talking about how many sales they have had or the line around the block? Does the business owner appear to have a lifestyle that is inconsistent with their reported level of income?

Enformion for Civil Enforcement

Access to Enformion’s comprehensive Premium People Search, as well as specialized risk mitigation data, such as:

  • Identity verification
  • Comprehensive business reports
  • Criminal records
  • Real property data
  • Real estate transfers and tax assessments
  • Employment and workplace data
  • Known relatives, neighbors, and associates
  • Training services
  • Multi-packs of social media reports



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