Business Tax Compliance with Enformion


For businesses, filing taxes can be a complicated task, and one that offers the temptation to commit fraud. Enformion can help tax & revenue divisions determine if businesses are filing properly.

Business Tax Compliance

For businesses, filing taxes can be a complicated task and one that offers the temptation to commit fraud. Enformion can help tax & revenue divisions determine if businesses are filing properly.

Regulatory Enforcement

State and local governments regulate certain types of businesses. Operation of these is subject to legislative requirements. Common categories include:

  • Alcoholic beverage licensees
  • Cannabis growers and distributors
  • Real estate brokerages
  • Vendors approved to accept public benefits payment, such as SNAP or WIC

These types of business operations are subject to an application process with a background investigation, followed by a licensure and tax registration.

Enformion provides actionable intelligence for the investigation and verification of the information contained in these vendor applications. We provide personal data for the business applicant owners, other businesses, and associates to each of the applicants, and the histories of all.

Tax Compliance

Tax and Revenue agencies should consider Enformion for Civil Enforcement with our Social Media Search and Reporting package. ECE was explicitly designed with the features and databases to execute the regulatory mission, quickly and efficiently, from a single interface.

Learn more about Enformion for Civil Enforcement

  • Premium People Search
  • Identity verification
  • Comprehensive business reports
  • Criminal records
  • Real property data
  • Employment and workplace data
  • Known relatives, neighbors, and associates

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Public Sector Customer

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John C.

Security Operations Executive

Enformion Locator Services directly impact, on average, 80% of our successful locations of individuals. Also, Enformion provides us with monthly mass data pulls that average 30,000 unique entries that are then transferred into our system for direct use. Enformion is responsive to our needs with near round the clock communication. They also take input from my organization and make regular changes to better facilitate our needs. No previous contractor has been so customer service-driven.

Public Sector Customer

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Greg G

Private Investigator

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