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How Can Enformion Help with Tax & Revenue Services?

For some, the concept of taxes can be a tricky one, on both the front and back end. On one hand, it can be difficult for individuals and businesses to determine the correct amount of taxes at times. On the other hand, those in charge may find it similarly difficult to make sure people comply with tax rules and regulations.

That’s why tax and revenue departments maintain tax compliance by performing audits and offering additional tax services to individuals and businesses. If your department deals in tax and revenue, here’s how you can use Enformion to improve the efficacy of your work.

Keeping an Eye on Risky Individuals

Some people may be at higher risk for tax fraud or other revenue issues. To make a tax and revenue department more efficient, you need to be able to detect and stop those committing fraud quickly. With Enformion, you can keep a closer eye on those people, and it’s easier to step in if some type of fraud does happen.

  • You need to determine who’s most likely to commit fraud before that fraud even happens.
  • The best way to determine potential fraud is to build a profile on individuals and use previous data to learn more about those people.
  • Enformion offers high-quality continuous monitoring for potentially risky individuals, offering actionable data that will really help if you do experience an incident of fraud.

Securing Highly Sensitive Information

Any time you’re dealing with tax information, you have to make sure it’s safe. Tax records themselves have highly sensitive information, including contact information, Social Security Numbers and more. You have to ensure that when that type of information is in your possession, you keep it safe and secure, which is what Enformion can do.

  • Even accidentally overlooking an integral part of your security features can lead to irreversible negative consequences.
  • With an automated solution that builds on over 30 years of experience in the industry, you’re less likely to encounter those consequences.
  • Enformion delivers top-notch security features for both federal government and local government needs.

Verifying Identities Inside and Outside Your Department

One of the most important parts of maintaining high security requirements is through identity verification . Every time you offer information, you need to know you’re giving it to the right person. If you share your information outside your department, you should give it only to those who need it. With Enformion, identity verification is easier than ever.

  • Keeping information safe requires that you pay attention to every step of the process from start to finish.
  • Every time you need to verify someone’s identity, whether they’re a current employee or someone who needs one-time access, you need to use the best tools.
  • You can use Enformion’s identity verification options to make sure you’re giving information to the right people.

Allowing for Easier Investigations

At times, you may find that you have to open a manual investigation to really understand if someone is engaging in fraud. These manual investigations require more work on your part than simply batch processing lists of employees. However, even with “manual” investigations, automated options from Enformion can help you conserve time and effort.

  • Manually investigating fraud allows you to determine more about a specific incidence of fraud, giving you the ability to move forward with an investigation.
  • However, even manual investigations can benefit from pieces of automation that will reduce the workload.
  • You can utilize Enformion’s billions of records to search for a specific individual, then receive information about that individual directly.

Handling Everyone at Once

Most individuals don’t commit tax fraud. When it comes to tax records that showcase inaccurate data, many times it’s just because an individual didn’t complete the taxes properly due to a misunderstanding. Your department needs to be able to handle everything from intentional fraud to accidents. Enformion offers the power you need for both.

  • It’s up to you to build a system that can handle both intentional fraud and accidental missteps without alienating the people you serve.
  • Your system doesn’t need to be unforgiving; it just needs to be strong.
  • You can take advantage of government contract options that work for all types of government needs and API solutions that can help you build Enformion into your existing software.



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