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Property Tax Fraud Prevention with Enformion

Regardless of if it’s intentional or accidental, it’s up to tax & revenue departments to discern fraud in property tax filings. See how Enformion’s in-depth property and person data can help.

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How Enformion Can Help Prevent Property Tax Fraud

Property tax fraud is a wide category, and it can cover everything from an individual underpaying property taxes on a homestead to a business categorically under-appraising properties to avoid millions of dollars of taxes every year. If your department handles property tax fraud, you probably deal with a specific type of fraud, which you need to be able to tackle in the way that works best for you.

From the smallest misunderstandings to the largest incidents of intentional fraud, here’s how Enformion can help your department be more efficient.

Assessing Risk Early

Especially when it comes to manual investigations, it can be very difficult to go through the details of each individual business. If you don’t know how to increase your efficiency, you may find that it takes weeks or even months to go through each case, which can seriously impact how many cases you take on. With Enformion, you can cut down on the time it takes to process investigations.

  • Preemptive planning is always best, especially when it comes to types of fraud that are more preventable.
  • When you assess risk from the beginning, you make your whole department work more smoothly.
  • Data alerts from Enformion not only keeps an eye on potentially risky individuals, but it also notifies you when something changes.

Working With External Investigators

At times, you may find that you need to work with a third party, like law enforcement agencies, to handle property tax fraud investigations. This is especially true if you discover additional types of fraud during your investigation. When you need to transmit this kind of information to another party, it’s crucial that you know more about that third party so you feel confident doing so.

  • External investigation is an important part of property tax fraud investigation, but you need to go about it wisely.
  • You can’t just trust people to have good intentions at heart, and it’s important to maintain proper safety protocols.
  • From identity verification to continuous monitoring, Enformion will give you options to extend trust thoughtfully.

Keeping Sensitive Information Private

Government agencies often deal with sensitive information, and the same holds true when you’re handling property tax records. Property tax fraud investigations may require information including Social Security Numbers, contact information and financial information. Every time you transmit or receive that data, you need to keep it private.

  • The people you’re representing expect you to keep this information private.
  • Committing to privacy and security will ensure that you run thorough investigations while maintaining public trust.
  • When you’re working within an existing system, API solutions from Enformion can make it easier to incorporate Enformion’s information.

Communicating With Individuals and Businesses

Even though you’re investigating fraud, it’s still important that you maintain a good relationship with as many people as possible. Not all individuals and businesses will be forthcoming with the information you’re looking for, but a better working relationship will make it easier for you to receive as much information as possible. That strong working relationship starts with identity verification through Enformion.

  • Your department represents an important part of the government, and that means you need to maintain a strong public image.
  • The more easily you’re able to communicate with the people you’re investigating, the more effective your investigation will be.
  • When you use Enformion, you can make your investigation easier on your internal department while also instilling confidence in the people you’re contacting.

Making Your Work Easier

Identifying and investigating property tax fraud is important, but it can also be challenging. If you’re able to make your department’s job easier, you can rely more on your workers because they’ll have less on their plates. Enformion has all the tools you need and makes it easy for your employees to use them, which can cut down on wasted resources and lost time.

  • Every department has steps it can take for a better workflow, and discovering those steps is an integral part of enhancing your department’s results.
  • If you don’t have to work as hard to produce the same accurate results, you should always pursue those options.
  • Because Enformion gives you access to automation options like batch processing, you can get the same results with less manual labor.


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