Property Tax Fraud Prevention with Enformion

Regardless of if it’s intentional or accidental, it’s up to tax & revenue departments to discern fraud in the filing of property taxes. See how Enformion’s in-depth property and person data can help.

Property Tax Fraud Solutions

Assess risk early

Especially when it comes to manual investigations, it can be very difficult to go through the details of each individual business. With Enformion, you can cut down on the time it takes to process investigations.

Data Alerts not only keeps an eye on potentially risky individuals but also notifies you when something changes.

Work with external investigators

At times, you may find that you need to work with a third party, like law enforcement agencies, to handle property tax fraud investigations. When you need to transmit this kind of information to another party, it’s crucial that you know more about that third party so you feel confident doing so.

Our tools and solutions give you options to extend trust thoughtfully.

Keep sensitive information private

Government agencies often deal with sensitive information, and the same holds true when you’re handling property tax records. Property tax fraud investigations may require information including Social Security Numbers, contact information, and financial information. Every time you transmit or receive that data, you need to keep it private.

When you’re working within an existing system, API solutions from Enformion can make it easier to incorporate our information.

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Make your work easier

Identifying and investigating property tax fraud is important, but it can also be challenging. Enformion has all the tools you need and makes it easy for your employees to use them, which can cut down on wasted resources and lost time.

With our automated tools, such as batch processing, you can get the same results with less manual labor.

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