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Keep an eye on risky individuals

Some people may be at higher risk for tax fraud or other revenue issues. To make a tax and revenue department more efficient, you need to be able to detect and stop those committing fraud quickly.

With Enformion, you can keep a closer eye on those people using our Data Alerts option, making it easier to step in if some type of fraud does happen.

Secure highly sensitive information

Tax records have highly sensitive information, including contact information, Social Security Numbers, and more. Enformion delivers top-notch security features for both the federal government and local government needs.

Verify identities

One of the most important parts of maintaining high security requirements is through identity verification. If you need to verify someone’s identity, whether they’re a current employee or someone who needs one-time access, you need to use the best tools and ensure you’re giving information to the right people.

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Enable easier investigations

At times, you may find that you have to open a manual investigation to really understand if someone is engaging in fraud. These manual investigations require more work on your part than simply batch processing lists of employees. However, even with “manual” investigations, our automated options can help you conserve time and effort.

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