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Our advanced identity verification solution works online or via API to help you make decisions about customers quickly, and with confidence.

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ID Verification – Available Online and Through API

At Enformion, we have recently broadened our identity verification capabilities to make the process even easier. The first part of this initiative was to expand the availability of this service to both online searches and API integration.

The second part was the creation of a proprietary scoring system. This system has been designed to help you verify a person’s identity with greater speed and better accuracy than ever before, no matter which way you decide to access our services.


To use our Identity Verification search:


Start a search by name, address, SSN and/or other piece of identifying data.


    We find the individual or individuals associated with that information.


      We calculate how likely it is that a particular person is the owner of the inputted data.

      That likelihood is presented as a percentage next to the results. It is calculated using a complex algorithm, which is based on both the type and amount of information entered. For any further verification purposes, categories with other information for the person are also presented in the same view.

      For example:

      ID Verification results

      Just like that, you get a clear, quick and complete snapshot of a customer. Best of all, you can get that snapshot in the way most convenient to you and your business.

      You can perform the above search using the proprietary Web Search at Enformion. Or you can customize and integrate the same search into your own existing system via API. Our ID Verification API makes it particularly easy to verify the name, data of birth, address and identification numbers of customers for:

      • Onboarding
      • Compliance
      • Anti-fraud purposes

      For more information, or to request an in-person demo of our specialty Identity Verification services, please contact one of our Data Solutions Specialists.

      And for your convenience, download a copy of our Enformion ID Verification flyer.


      Talk with a specialist today to learn how Enformion can help to customize a solution that’s right for you.

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